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Why Our Window Wall & Patio Doors are Perfect for Homes & Cottages

Window Walls | July 14, 2020
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Make a statement with your window & door installations

Style and design come into play with all replacement window installations. But there are certain projects that provide homeowners with unique opportunities to create centerpiece-worthy aesthetic statements. Whether it’s for the home or the cottage, a large patio door or Window Wall installation can entirely change the way homeowners view and interact with their space. That said, it’s also essential that these units exceed expectations of safety, performance, and energy efficiency. Read on to learn more about our Patio Doors and our Window Wall and how they deliver on style, functionality, and efficiency.

The Magic Window Wall

Capable of covering walls up to 50ft in length, the Window Wall is constructed of glass panels that operate independently from one another. This allows homeowners to customize the versatile wall opening to whatever size they please. Yes, it can be as large as 50ft across, offering sweeping views and an open-air experience. However, it can also serve the same function as a traditional window, albeit with a twist.

As a window, it’s designed with two panels to mimic the functionality of a European casement. This means that when the window is open there is no middle mullion obstructing views. This design makes it the perfect option to elevate and modernize a traditional sunroom, veranda, or living room. That said, it can also feature much more than just two panels — for example, you could have a pass-through design with 3-6 panels. Ultimately, it’s up to you!

A Design Meant to Embrace the Outdoors

In an increasingly built-up world that isolates us from the outdoors in a number of ways, architectural design elements like the Window Wall represent a move in the opposite direction. Instead of relying on rigidly-defined boundaries between inside and outside, the Window Wall allows homeowners to embrace the outdoors like never before.

The Window Wall Was Made for Life in Canada

The Window Wall is specifically designed to perform according to different seasons. It’s the first product of its kind that’s specifically designed for Canada’s extreme climate. It’s free of any hinges or other mechanisms that could malfunction due to extreme temperature. When the Window Wall closes, its panels interlock into one another creating an airtight compression seal, making it durable and energy-efficient no matter whether it’s a summer heatwave or a nasty winter cold snap.

Window walls

Patio Doors

More than a functional window and door system, a patio door can also be a beautiful aesthetic addition to the home and cottage. The key with these installations is understanding the configurations that will work with the opening size available. This will allow for patio door installations that maximize views and natural light, rather than ones that simply focus on creating functional doorways. We offer patio door installations in 2-panel, 3-panel, and 4-panel configurations to ensure that homeowners get exactly what they want from their new doors.

window wall and patio doors


Effortless Gliding

Too often, older patio doors become far too much of a chore to open and close. Over time, wear and tear, dirt, grime, and rust can degrade inferior patio hardware, making them a true hassle to operate. To remedy this, we use a patented hardware system that consists of eight stainless steel wheels that glide along an elevated stainless-steel track. This allows our door to maintain its incredibly smooth gliding motion even when food, dust, or other debris accumulates in the track.

Performance Features that Set Our Window Wall & Patio Doors Apart

While the Window Wall and the Patio Door are unique products that suit different contexts, they both feature the same performance features we build into all of our replacement window units.

Energy Efficiency

In order to ensure the highest standard of energy efficiency, our engineers made a critical decision to bring the glass production in-house. This gives us the ability to incorporate the most advanced technology in the industry, from the best performing warm-edge spacer and glass to the longest-lasting insulating gas fills.

All of this ensures that you get maximum energy efficiency and longevity out of your thermal units. The customization of our glass allows us to maximize performance in accordance with your specific preferences, climate, and home’s construction.

All of our windows are certified energy efficient by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). This certification means that our window units can help improve a home’s energy efficiency by over 40% when compared to inefficient, outdated units.


breaking down the window wall

Long-Lasting, Steel & Aluminum Reinforced Frames

We began as a manufacturer of aluminum windows. As a result, we have an appreciation for the superior strength and durability of these frames. However, while aluminum is a stronger frame material, it’s notoriously inefficient. It’s a material with high thermal conductivity, which leads to poor insulation.

Conversely, vinyl PVC — a very popular window frame material — is known for its insulating properties. It also happens to be a weak material prone to damage, as well as expansion and contraction when temperatures fluctuate.

In designing our Hybrid Fusion Frames, we opted to create a frame that utilized the best of both worlds. We combined the superior strength and durability of aluminum and galvanized steel, with the energy efficiency and welded corners of vinyl frames. In doing so, we opted for more strength, durability, and security as well as more energy efficiency.

These frames are available on all of our windows, patio doors, and Window Walls.

window wall hardware

Advanced Hardware

Our award-winning Parallex® hardware system eliminates the need for any cranks, eases operation and improves durability, performance and functionality. Without the need for cranks or hinges of any kind, mechanical failures are a non-factor. Parallex® technology also improves energy efficiency through tighter seals and creates a wider opening for better views and improved ventilation.

Retractable Screens and Blinds

Retractable Insect Screens: Fixed insect screens can block up to 50% of the natural light and accumulate dirt, dust and other allergens over time. In contrast, fully retractable screens give you complete control over when, where and to what extent your screens are in use.

Retractable Sun Screens: These translucent screens can lead to more comfortable interior conditions. They’ll block the brunt of the sun’s heat during warmer months, and allow you to capitalize on more of the sun’s heat during the winter.

Retractable Blackout Blinds: Retractable blackout thermal blinds bring light penetration down to zero for times when you want complete blackout conditions and/or privacy. When engaged, these optional blind systems can also double the insulating value of your windows.


Sleep easy knowing that our sliding doors and Window Walls have attained the highest level of security for residential doors in North America. Our patented dual-point locking system contributes to a grade 40 security rating – the highest attainable security rating for these types of products.

High-end Installation and a 40-Year Warranty

All of our experienced installers and technicians are trained, certified and equipped to handle any and every job that comes their way. We install all year round: summer or winter, cold or hot, mild or humid.

We also stand by our industry-leading 40-year warranty. Not only does it reaffirm our belief in the quality of our products and installation practices, but it also embodies our commitment to provide homeowners with honest, direct information that they can put a number on. Our overall aim is to provide the best product and service care to all of our customers looking to install patio doors or Window Walls.

Transform Your Most Cherished Space Today!

If you’re looking to reimagine or upgrade the family cottage, or the family home, contact Magic today. We are happy to offer in-home or virtual consultations to help you understand the window replacement and installation process for our patio doors and window walls.


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