Frequently Asked Questions

About us

Can I purchase your product from a dealer?

We made the conscious decision to remove all of our dealers from our sales network in 2008. Since then, we’ve only worked direct to consumer in order to provide our lowest prices with superior installation and service. If you’re interested in an estimate, give us a call at +1 866-325-6327.

How long has Magic been in business for?

Magic is a family owned and 100% Canadian company that has been in business since 1979.

Where are you located?

Magic is located at 75 Rowntree Dairy Road, Woodbridge Ontario. We manufacture all of products at this site and have our state-of-the-art showroom here as well.

Do you offer full service and installation?

Yes, we install and service all of our products.


How do I service or repair my window?

If you purchased your windows from one of our authorized retailers, you’ll have to request a service call through them. If you purchased your windows directly from us or can’t reach your dealer then you can give us a call at 905-856-8805 or 1-866-499-5819.

Can you send me parts?

If you purchased your windows from one of our authorized retailers or directly through us, you can request new parts by giving us a call at 905-856-8805 or 1-866-499-5819.

How long are my windows covered for?

We offer a 40-year warranty on all of our products but trust us –they’ll last much longer. For specific details on what the warranty covers please visit our warranty page.


Do you offer privacy blinds?

Yes – our solar shade and thermal blinds duplicate as privacy blinds as well!

Are your windows custom made to any size?

Yes! All of our products (including our windows, doors, and window walls) are custom made to the size of the opening!

Can you add your screen and blind systems onto existing windows?

Unfortunately, not. Our screen and blind systems are integrated into our windows and doors so we can’t add them to existing windows.

How energy efficient is the Window Wall?

Extremely energy efficient! The Window Wall is the only four season rated bi-folding door system in North America!

Can the Window Wall’s panel sizes be customized?

You got it! The panel sizes of the window wall can be customized to any size you’d like but we recommend sizes between 24-32 inches wide.

What Colour does the Window Wall come in?

All of our doors can be customized to match any colour you want.

What Colours do your doors come in?

All of our doors can be customized to match any colour you want.

Are your Doors Custom made to any size?

Yup! All of our products (including our doors) are custom made to the size of the opening!

How do I get more information on colours, features, and customization of your products?

Magic offers free in-house consultations with one of our certified project managers. You can fill out a web form or you can call us at 905-856-8805 or 1-866-656-2442 to book a consultation. Alternatively, you can visit our showroom.

Do your windows come with Low E coatings and argon gas?

Yes, we tailor glass specifications to your particular geographic region, so your glass make-up will ultimately depend on where you reside.

How can I verify that I’m purchasing a quality product?

Look for ratings and third-party certifications like ENERGY STAR®, The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), and The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA).

Estimate and Installation

Do you install outside of the GTA?

Yes, we install as far north as Parry Sound, south to Niagara Falls, west to Belleville, and East to London.

How long does it take from the time we place our order to the time they’re installed?

Production time ranges between 5-8 weeks depending on configuration and customization of the windows.

How does the estimate work?

One of our project managers will take a look at your home’s window and door openings and make recommendations on the type of windows/options that he/she feels are best suited for your home and region. Once the project manager has explained all of the key information associated with our product line, he/she will provide you with a free quote.

We are building a new house and want to use your windows; can we order them before the house is built?

Of course, the best thing to do is schedule an appointment at our showroom with one of our project advisors. They’ll walk you through our products and help you choose the best products for your new home.

Do you Install all year round?

Yes, we install our windows all year round.

Other FAQ

Where are the windows made?

All of our products are made in Canada.

What happens if a screen breaks?

All Slide ‘N Hide™ screen and blind technology is warranted for 40 years. Simply remove the screen cartridge from the frame and either ship them to us or drop them off at the showroom -we’ll take care of it from there.

What happens if the glass cracks or breaks?

Our insulated glass is warranted for 40 years against seal failure. However, we do not warrant damaged glass due to external factors such as golf balls, hockey pucks, or baseballs. For specific details on what the warranty covers please visit our warranty page.

What happens if the glass fogs up?

Insulated glass is warranted for a period of 40 years. If the insulated glass fails, we’ll pay the costs of all defective parts and labour. For specific details on what the warranty covers please visit our warranty page.

How energy efficient are your windows?

Great question! We created a chart of achievable energy ratings for you to check out here(link to achievable energy ratings in the product page). For additional information regarding our windows energy ratings, see how they compare in The National Fenestration Rating Council’s(NFRC) national rating system.

Can I specify a delivery date?

Typical lead time for replacement and new construction projects is 5-8 weeks. For specific details regarding installation dates, please talk to your local sales representative or call our customer service department at 905-856-8805 or 1-866-499-5819.

Do you operate in the USA?

We’ve proudly been doing business in the United States for over 30years. Our sister brand NuView Windows is based in LakeForest California and services nearly all of Southern California. For more information regarding NuView.

What happens if the weather stripping fails?

The weather stripping is warranted for 40 years. If the weather stripping fails, simply call our service department at 905-856-8805 or 1-866-499-5819 to order additional units.

Can the window wall be used for porch enclosures?

Yes! The Window Wall is a four-season regulated system, meaning it will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The Window Wall can be used as a porch or solarium enclosure or even a room divider.

How do I clean the windows?

You can clean all of our windows from the inside of your home! Nearly all of our windows feature the ability to swing out and rotate inwards, letting you clean your windows from the comfort of your own home.

Can you customize our window grills?

Sure! Window grill designs are fully customizable. Take a look at our standard grill options or give our sales department a call at 905-856-8805 or 1-866-499-5819.

What colours do your windows come in?

All of our windows can be customized to match any colour you want.

Do you offer wood windows?

With a philosophy centered around energy efficient practices, we are committed to the preservation and continued development of North American forests. We have made a conscious decision to avoid the use of wood in all of our products. As such, we offer wood laminated textures that wrap around our frames to give your window the look of real wood without the environmental harm and maintenance headaches.

Do you offer aluminum windows?

All of our products are made using our Hybrid Fusion Frame technology, which is formed by reinforcing our U-PVC lead-free technology with stainless steel and aluminum. The Hybrid fusion frame gives you the thermal performance, low maintenance and affordability of a high-grade resin vinyl with the strength of steel and aluminum.

Do you provide wall cut outs?

Yes! Our installers are trained, certified, and equipped to handle any and every job. Whether you’re looking to enlarge an existing opening or cut out an existing wall, our installers will take every necessary precaution to provide you with efficient and professional workmanship.

Do you install in the winter?

Yes, of course –we install all year round. Summer or winter, cold or hot, mild or humid our installers are equipped and able to install our products.

Do you provide financing options?

Yes, we provide financing options for interested customers. Please call our sales department at 905-856-8805 or 1-866-499-5819.

Do you provide supply only?

In order to maximize quality assurance and ensure proper installation, we only let our certified and trained installers install our products.

Do you work with architects and builders?

Yes, Magic offers professional partnerships with architects and builders. If you are an architect or builder, please call our sales department at 905-856-8805 or 1-866-499-5819.

Do you provide retrofit and frame replacement installation?

Yes, we provide both retrofit and frame replacement installation.

Are your products approved by ENERGY STAR®?

Yes, all of our products are approved and graded by ENERGY STAR®, the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), and The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA).

Can we order different blinds after the windows are installed?

Yes, of course. If you ever choose to replace your blinds or solar shades with a different colour or design, it’s as simple as ordering a new cartridge through the mail. You simply snap it in place. The retractable blind or solar shade is available on every type of window style in the collection.



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