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Elisabeth Hilton | Home Owner

Elisabeth Hilton wanted windows that would give her maximum ventilation without sacrificing security. Magic created a unique window system that included operable transom windows for increased ventilation and security.

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Kapil Sunak | Home Owner

Nick Sunak was looking to update his GTA property into a contemporary space. Magic created a unique window solution featuring modern colour coatings, sizeable window openings, and our innovative Window Wall system to completely transform Nick’s home.

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Norm Edwards | Radio Broadcaster

Norm Edwards knew these windows were unlike anything he’d ever seen before. See why Norm Edwards can’t stop talking about his Magic Windows on Zoomer Radio AM740.

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Harold & Brenda Sturm | Home Owner

Harold and Brenda Sturm wanted to keep the traditional aesthetic of their custom Victorian style home without sacrificing energy performance. Magic used simulated divided lights (SDL) to create high performance windows that kept the traditional look of Victorian era homes.

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Candice Homstrom | Interior Designer

As an interior designer, Candice Homstrom didn’t want to sacrifice functionality for style. She chose Magic casement window for its slim profile design and user-friendliness.

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Don Cherry | Broadcaster | Author

See what Canadian icon Don Cherry has to say about his game changing windows.

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Gene Kinoshita | Architect

See why Renowned architect Gene Kinoshita chose Magic for his modern GTA residence.

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Victor Cruzeiro | Homeowner

Victor Cruzeiro wanted to transform his GTA home into a modern, energy efficiency property. Magic transformed Victor’s space using dark bold colours and revolutionary technology highlighted by The Window Wall.

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