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3 Factors That Lead to Durable, Secure and Efficient Replacement Windows

| August 20, 2020
secure replacement windows in Toronto

For 40 years, Magic has provided Toronto and the GTA with some of the most advanced residential windows in the world. Our innovative replacement windows, patio doors and Window Walls can add style and performance to any home. Welcome to our blog, where we provide consumers with the information and inspiration they need to make informed decisions about investing in durable, secure and efficient replacement windows. 

A well-designed and formulated window serves a variety of functions for homes and homeowners — views, aesthetics, natural light, insulation, entrances and exits, and of course, security. This security is also multi-faceted: windows must work in tandem with other home security systems to ensure that homeowners and their families feel safe, and they also must stay solid, durable and guard against the elements. From the frames and the glass to the locking systems, we’ve designed our premium replacement windows to ensure high-performance for 40 years or more. Read on to learn about what’s behind our durable, secure and efficient replacement windows.

secure and efficient replacement windows

1. Galvanized steel- and aluminum-reinforced, vinyl-wrapped window frames create secure and efficient replacement windows

Many window replacement companies in the GTA tout the benefits of their vinyl PVC frames, citing their cost-effectiveness and the insulating properties. And while these are both undeniable attributes of vinyl frames, these alone do not make up for the glaring structural flaws. Vinyl PVC is simply plastic — nothing more, nothing less. These frames are a combination of different plasticizers, pigments and chemicals with hollow chambers that allegedly make for a lighter, more flexible product. What this really means is that hollow vinyl PVC frames lack strength, rigidity and durability. Consequently, they are disposable products that are highly susceptible to wear and tear, physical damage and significant expansion and contraction in fluctuating weather conditions.

How we solved the problem

There is no denying that vinyl PVC, while structurally flawed, is an efficient material. It has a very low thermal conductivity, meaning that heat does not flow through the material effectively. Add that to the fact that vinyl allows window manufacturers to weld the frame’s corners to create a perfect seal, there is no question that vinyl PVC insulates well and is very effective at repelling water and eliminating unwanted air transfer. The key with vinyl, then, is to use it in the right context.

Magic began as a manufacturer of aluminum windows. Because of this, we’ve always had an appreciation for strength and durability in window design. That said, aluminum does come with one detractor: thermal conductivity leading to poor insulation. In combining aluminum and vinyl PVC — along with the added strength of galvanized steel — we sought to make a frame that’s stronger and more efficient than anything else on the market. We called it the Hybrid Fusion Frame.



secure and efficient replac  


What You Get With Hybrid Fusion Frame® Windows & Doors

  1. A rock-solid frame constructed from anodized aluminum and galvanized steel
  2. An outer surface of specially-formulated and patented U-PVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride)
  3. The long-lasting strength and support of galvanized steel and aluminum
  4. A durable and efficient vinyl frame that won’t expand and contract
  5. A cost-effective, high-performance window frame material that we guarantee will last 40 years or more


2. Highly-rated, stainless steel locking systems

Homeowners should also be 100% confident that their windows come standard with security features to keep them safe. We understand the priority and we have engineered our windows accordingly. In addition to the strength and durability of our frames, our window and door products come with locking systems that homeowners feel comfortable with year after year.

Multi-Point Window Locks

This secure locking system holds the window in place in two or more places simultaneously. These locks grab the sash and push it firmly up against the frame.

Window Cam Locks

A cam locking mechanism consists of both a base and a cam. The cam sweeps or rotates on the base before latching onto the sash, holding it locked in place against the frame. Magic fashions both our cam and multipoint locking systems from stainless steel to ensure security and peace of mind. Our products, such as our Window Wall, have a grade-40 security rating, which is the highest attainable security rating for a product in its class.

secure and efficient replacement windows

3. Insulated, energy-efficient glass formulation to keep your home sealed against the elements

This may be a different type of security, but it’s all-important nonetheless. By formulating all our glass in-house, we ensure that every homeowner we work with is entirely satisfied with the performance of their windows. The customization of our glass allows us to maximize your windows’ performance in accordance with your specific preferences, climate, and home’s construction. That way, you get maximum energy efficiency, insulation and longevity out of your thermal units. Ultimately, two of the most important factors in creating this efficiency and insulation are warm edge spacers and gas fills:

Gas Fills

To improve a window’s U-Factor, the spaces between the panes of glass are filled with noble gases like krypton and argon. These heavier, noble gases are preferable to filling the unit with air because they can better impede the transfer of heat through a window. Most IGUs on the market are separated by 1⁄2 – 3⁄4 of an inch. But due to the highly durable construction of our frames and hardware, we are able to extend that space to a full inch. Consequently, we can fill our IGUs with 25%-50% more gas. More gas leads to more effective insulation for your home.

Warm-Edge Spacers

Warm edge spacers are seals that insulate the edges of the window unit and keep the glass panes firmly apart from each other. This airtight seal protects against Air Leakage, condensation forming inside the panes, and heat loss to help a window unit stay energy-efficient over the long term. These spacers add structural stability and mitigate the stress that comes with thermal expansion and contraction in different weather conditions. Certain spacer materials, such as Duralite®, are made of low-conductive, non-metal materials coated in a desiccant that absorbs moisture.

Go with durable, secure, and efficient replacement windows

Replacing windows in Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga, Ontario cottage country, or elsewhere in and around the GTA doesn’t have to be a hassle. Instead, with Magic, it can be a safe, simple, and stress-free experience from start to finish. If you’re looking to replace your windows, the best place to start is a free in-person or virtual consultation. One of our representatives will go over our premium line of products and how they will work in the context of your home. Book yours today!


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