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Toronto Star Readers Named Us The Best Window & Door Company — Here’s Why

| November 18, 2021
best window & door company


We’ve Been Named the Best Window & Door Company by Toronto Star Readers!

One thing has stayed consistent with Magic over the years — we design better, smarter window and door products through a commitment to technological innovation. And while this has not changed, we have also evolved into a direct-to-consumer brand that deals directly with Canadian homeowners. When working with homeowners in Toronto and the GTA, we are committed to two things above all:

  1. Providing our customers with premium innovative windows and doors
  2. Offering the highest level of customer service possible 

For these reasons and more, we are pleased to announce that we are a Toronto Star Readers’ Choice Diamond-Award winner as the Best Window & Door company. The Toronto Star began the Readers’ Choice Awards as a way for Torontonians to vote on their favourite businesses in a variety of categories. That’s why winning this award is such an honour: our customers had the final say. It’s a vote of confidence that both validates our commitment to customer service and motivates us further.

If you’re looking for replacement windows in Toronto, go with a company offering better products and better customer service. Read on to learn three reasons why Toronto Star readers just named us the best window and door company in the GTA.

1. We Offer Free Window Replacement Consultations in Toronto

Whether you’ve made the commitment to replacing your windows and you’re unsure how to proceed, or you’re still deliberating whether or not you’d like to make changes, one of our certified project managers can help. We offer free, in-house consultations where will walk you through the entire process. This way, we can make suggestions based on your home’s aesthetic style, construction and unique energy demands. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring you get not only the best product, but the one that’s right for your home.

2. We Offer Premium, Innovative Window and Doors

Featuring over 40 patents and associated claims, our products are loaded with innovation and revolutionary features.

The Window Wall

The Window Wall is one of the most revolutionary and dynamic window and door products in North America. Constructed from autonomous panels that operate independently from one another, it allows the user to completely manipulate and customize the size of the opening. These beautiful products fit perfectly into living rooms, indoor pool rooms or patio rooms to create a flow between the indoor space and the outdoor space.


best window & door company

Replacement Windows

Our operable window units come in a variety of styles. Whether you’re looking for single or double casements, slider windows, hung windows or awning windows, our products match any preference. No matter the design you choose, our windows come standard with our efficient, durable Hybrid Fusion Frames — a premium vinyl frame reinforced with stainless steel and anodized aluminum. Our windows also utilize our patented Parallex® hardware — an innovative engineering feature that renders outdated window crank technology obsolete.

For more information on our stylish, innovative, energy-efficient windows, click here

best window & door company

Patio Doors

At Magic, we pride ourselves on installing patio doors and replacement windows in Toronto that exceed the industry standards of style, performance and security. Depending on space and budget considerations, we offer patio doors in three different configurations. All our patio doors come standard with our retractable insect screens, Hybrid Fusion Frames, The HI-FLO drainage system and an industry-best grade-40 security rating

best window & door company

3. We Offer Industry-Leading Installation and Warranty

Following your purchase, we do everything we can to ensure you get incredible use out of your new replacement windows and doors for years to come.

Professional Installation

If they aren’t installed properly, even technologically advanced windows are worthless. As a result, we take every necessary precaution to ensure that our windows are installed for consistent, long-term performance. Our experienced, trained and certified installers and technicians can handle any job that comes their way. We install all year round — summer or winter, cold or hot, mild or humid. We also monitor our production so that we can give you a realistic time for completion.

Industry-Leading 40-Year Warranty

Instead of relying on intentionally vague terms like “lifetime warranty”, we stand by our industry-leading 40-year warranty. It reaffirms our belief in the quality of our products and installation practices. It also embodies our commitment to provide homeowners with honest, direct information that they can put a number on.

For a comprehensive breakdown of our warranty, click here.

Go With the Best Window & Door Company in Toronto

We can spend all day touting the features and benefits of our windows and our customer service, but our statements don’t mean much without the customer satisfaction to back it up. The fact that we have received the Diamond Award for Best Windows and Doors in the Toronto Star’s annual Readers’ Choice Awards says more than we ever could about what we offer Torontonians.

If you’re in the market for new replacement windows in Toronto, book a free consultation with us today. Window replacement doesn’t have to be overwhelming or a hassle. With Magic, it can be a seamless experience from start to finish.


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