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Toronto Patio Doors From Magic

Patio Doors | December 13, 2019
toronto patio doors

For 40 years, Magic has provided Toronto with some of the most advanced residential windows and patio doors in the world. Our innovative replacement windows, patio doors and Window Walls can add style and performance to any home. Welcome to our blog, where we provide consumers with the information and inspiration they need to make informed decisions about replacing their windows.

Patio doors are not simply functional window and door systems. While durability and functionality are of the utmost importance, patio doors can also be beautiful, stylistic additions to any home. At Magic, we pride ourselves on designing and installing patio doors and replacement windows in Toronto that exceed the industry standards of style, performance and security. Our patio doors are true marvels of stainless steel, glass and a patented innovation called Hybrid Fusion Frame® technology. Read on to learn more about the features behind our modified vinyl sliding patio door designs and how they can add a new level of aesthetics and functionality to the home.

Magic-Series Toronto Patio Doors Come in 3 Separate Styles

Every homeowner wants and needs something different from their Toronto patio doors. Depending on things like wall space and home configuration, patio doors with different panels may be needed. That’s why Magic offers patio doors in three different configurations. Each of these styles comes standard with the features listed later in this post:


toronto patio doors


toronto patio doors


toronto patio doors

Magic-Series Patio Doors Glide Effortlessly

Too often, older patio doors become far too much of a chore to open and close. Over time, wear and tear, dirt, grime and rust can degrade inferior patio hardware. This can make them a true hassle to operate. With our state-of-the-art patio doors, these types of problems become a thing of the past. We developed a patented hardware system that consists of eight stainless steel wheels that glide along an elevated stainless-steel track. This allows our door to maintain its incredibly smooth gliding motion even when food, dust, or other debris accumulate in the track. Additionally, our patio door features our patented Hi Flo® Drainage System, which drains any unwanted fragments or other debris from the track.

Magic Patio Doors are Built to Last in Toronto

Too often, homeowners have to resort to ad-hoc measures to shore up a broken or defective patio door system. We developed and patented our Hybrid Fusion Frame® technology to ensure that homeowners never have to use another piece of wood or hockey stick to bolster the security capabilities of their patio door.

Our Hybrid Fusion Frame design uses a skeleton of steel and aluminum wrapped in vinyl (U-PVC). In this way, we provide the best of both worlds: the strength and durability of steel and anodized aluminum with the efficiency of high-performing U-PVC vinyl. Our frames adapt to weather fluctuations, keeping the home better insulated year-round. We’ve also improved on traditional frames with our ultra-slim design, which reduces the frame’s size and maximizes the glass surface to create a more contemporary look.

Control Light, Heat and Views With Retractable Blinds and Screens

Traditional insect screens accumulate dust, dirt and allergens over time. Plus, they obstruct what otherwise would be unimpeded views out of the home. In designing our patio doors, we implemented our patented Slide ‘N’ Hide® Retractable Insect Screen. This built-in retractable screen system allows homeowners to seamlessly roll the screen back into the frame when it’s not being used.

Homeowners can also opt for Slide ‘N’ Hide® Thermal Blinds and Solar Screens. These seamless, fully retractable blinds and screens allow for better control over the amount of light and heat that comes into the home. The Thermal Blind effectively doubles the insulating value of your window, reducing utility bills by preventing your comfortable inside air from escaping outside. Conversely, the Solar Screen allows you to control how much heat and natural light enters through the patio door window. This makes these patio doors more energy efficient.

Our Patio Doors Provide Better Security for Toronto Homeowners

Our efforts to innovate patio door design would mean nothing if we didn’t include state-of-the-art security features. Toronto homeowners can rest easy at night knowing that our patio doors come standard with the highest grade of security for a residential door in North America. Our patented dual-point locking system contributes to the system’s grade 40 security rating – the highest attainable security rating for a product in its class, while additional kick locks may be added for extra security.

Customize Your Patio Door For Optimal Style and Performance

We have the capability to cater the design of your patio door for your home. Have a certain colour or texture you’d like used? We can bring your vision to life. From a performance standpoint, we custom-formulate all of our glass in-house. Consequently, our technicians can tailor the design of the glass to meet the specific energy-control needs of different regions and climates. There are a variety of customizable options including glass types, gas fills, glazings, and coatings. The customization of our glass units also allows us to maximize your windows’ performance in accordance with your specific preferences, climate and home construction.

Discover Premium Toronto Patio Doors From Magic 

Every homeowner has unique needs when it comes to replacing patio doors. Because of this, we offer free no-hassle consultations to provide homeowners with the information they need.

One of our certified project managers will help to explain the innovative design features that set our patio doors apart. They will also explain how they can be customized to suit your home. Contact us today and see first-hand why Magic produces the world’s most advanced replacement windows and doors.


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