What Do Replacement Window Quotes Include?

| November 5, 2018
what do replacement window quotes include?

 If you are about to get replacement windows in Oakville, ON, it may be your first time making such an investment. Perhaps your house was new when you bought it, but that was years ago and now is the time to get new windows. Since you’re new to the window industry, you might not know what to expect when you get quotes for windows. What is included in the quote? You’ll want to know as much as you can about each window company so you can compare them to one another. Here are a few things that are good to see in replacement window quotes.  

Exact Window Charges 

Once you know what window you want to replace your old ones with, that exact window should be listed. If there are any upgrades you choose, like putting in gas fillings between the panes instead of air and so on, that should also be listed. The exact price of the window you choose should be on the quote so you know what the final costs will be with the window you want.  

Replacement Window Quotes Should Always Include Installation Costs 

The cost to install the replacement windows is significant and you want to know what those charges will be upfront as well. If the installation costs aren’t included, move on. You want to know what the company charges for labor so you can compare the costs to others. Keep in mind that the one that charges the least isn’t always the best option. They might not have quality technicians that do the job right.  

Expect to Hear About Haul Away Charges 

Some window companies may get rid of your old windows for you, but there might be a fee involved. You should know about that fee up front as well so you know there won’t be any surprises later.  

Replacement Window Quotes Include Warranty Details 

Most windows come with a manufacturer warranty and you will want to understand that warranty as best you can. You should also get a warranty on installation from the replacement window company. If you choose to purchase some kind of extended warranty for the project, that can go on the quote so the price you pay is all inclusive.  

Getting through the project takes some time and comparison work, but once you are on the other side of the installation, you’ll be glad for your Oakville, ON replacement windows.  New windows can increase your energy efficiency, decrease your discomfort, heighten the value of your home, and make the house look nicer inside and out. The professionals at Magic Window Innovations make it our job to include everything you need to know in your quote, so you are able to get the details you need with no surprises later. If you have questions or are ready to have us come out and start on a quote for you, give us a call at (905) 856-8805. Otherwise, stop by our showroom at 75 Rowntree Dairy Rd, Woodbridge, ON L4L 6C8 to look at the replacement windows we carry so you can start making important decisions about your project. 



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