Types of Windows and Where to Use Them

| December 30, 2016
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Windows are a fun and functional addition to any home. With so many options on the market, the possibilities are truly endless. You can choose traditional or more contemporary options based on your personal style and taste. Each one will have practical uses and add a certain flavor to the style of your home in Oakville, Ontario. How can you make an informed decision on what styles to choose?

Here is some basic information that can help you start the process.


This type of window hinges on one side and opens outwards, usually operated by a crank. However, ours is a little different. The Magic series casement window eliminates the crank mechanism, improving operation and durability. It is also much easier to maintain. Because the window maximizes air flow, many homeowners choose to install casement windows where they need maximum ventilation. Often they go in the kitchen. That said, these windows will work well in every room.


The awning window operates much like a casement, except for the hinge is at the top. This offers increased safety and easy maintenance. And while it does not provide as much ventilation as casement windows, it still opens at the bottom to allow for good circulation. A benefit of this window is you still get protection against water infiltration. You can open it, even if it is raining. The only consideration is to avoid installing awning windows where they might obstruct an outdoor walkway or deck.

Horizontal Slider

Still  a widely popular choice of replacement windows in Oakville, Ontario. It can open on the left or right, sliding horizontally as the name suggests. This window is ideal for smaller spaces because it does not protrude in any way. However, because only half of the window will open, you do not get as much ventilation or a completely unobstructed view. It is a highly affordable option though and still offers amazing benefits.

Vertical Slider

This classic window style has been updated with new tech. With our configurations, you can get a single, double, or even triple slider depending on your needs and wants. With each one, you can slide the window up for ventilation, and tilt them for easy cleaning. You can put these windows anywhere, but they work especially well in bedrooms and living areas.

Bay, Bow, and Box

This window style has at least three parts with multiple possibilities. For most designs, homeowners choose a larger style window, flanked by two or more smaller, operational windows. They are set at an angle to open up the space, literally giving you some extra square footage. And you won’t believe the brightness they allow in. This impressive, more decorative window is one you might reserve for bigger rooms or rooms you want to make look and feel larger. Or if you need a place to grow some indoor plants.

Specialty Shapes

Last, but not least, you can get specialty shapes to accentuate the design of your home. We offer rectangular, angled, and curved modifications you can combine and customize to fit any room.

Compare the size, shape, and performance of these windows and you are well on your way to making window selections for your own home. Still have questions? Give us a call at 1-866-492-7074. Or better yet, come get a feel for these windows styles in person by visiting our showroom, 75 Rowntree Dairy Road, Woodbridge, ON L4L 6C8.


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