Signs You’re in Need of New Patio Doors

| July 24, 2017
patio doors

If you’re like most Mississauga homeowners, you try to put off expenses, purchases or repairs until the last minute. Unfortunately, this mentality can rob you of the opportunity to reap the benefits of various home improvement projects, like installing new patio doors. In fact you may be surprised to find that just because your patio door isn’t damaged beyond repair, it’s still exhibiting signs that it’s in need of a replacement. To give you a better idea of how to determine when it’s time to replace your patio doors, we have put together a short list of signs to be aware of.

#1 Your Door Requires Serious Muscle

Let’s face it, opening and closing your patio door shouldn’t be the hardest work out in your day, but it’s exactly the case for many homeowners. Here’s why; over time your patio door, especially wood, absorbs excess moisture which causes the door to become swollen and no longer fit its frame. The more you try to force it, the more damage you’ll do to both the door and its frame.

#2 You Have a Hard Time Finding Replacement Parts

We get it, sometimes an older door has so much character you can’t bear to part with it. Unfortunately, this can cause further problems down the road, like when it’s time to find replacement parts. If it is becoming increasingly harder to find replacement parts for your patio door, then there is a strong chance the door is no longer in circulation, meaning the parts that are still in circulation will only become more expensive and difficult to find. It’s also important to know the discontinuation of your door means the manufacturers now consider it “obsolete”.

#3 Your Energy Bill Continues to Climb

According to the American Energy Association (AEA) up to 60% of the energy wasted in the average North American household escapes through its windows and doors. If you’ve taken multiple measures to make a “greener” home and your energy bills continue to rise, your doors may be to blame. The fact is some patio door materials, like wood, tend to hold onto excess moisture, causing the windows to rot, twist, and distort over time. This weather damage causes the doors to form gaps, which allows your heating and air conditioning to literally go out the door.

Do you notice one or more of the above signs in your home? Then it may be time to start shopping for your new patio doors in Mississauga, Ontario. At Magic Windows our team of experts are happy to introduce you to our wide selection of quality patio doors, answer any questions you may have regarding your project, and even provide you with a free, no pressure, highly informative consultation. To speak with an expert today, or request your free consultation simply give us a call at 1-866-656-2442 or visit us at 75 Rowntree Dairy Road Woodbridge, ON L4L 6C8. We look forward to assisting you with your patio door needs!


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