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Magic™: A New Look & Feel, The Same Innovative Window & Door Products

| February 8, 2021
better smarter windows

A new name. A new look. The same commitment to quality, aesthetics & innovation.

Over the last 42 years, one thing has stayed constant at Magic™: we design better, smarter window and door products through a commitment to technological innovation. Though we are still a company relentlessly driven by technology and innovation, we have also evolved into a direct-to-consumer brand that deals directly with Canadian homeowners. This means that our focus has expanded to ensure that we also provide the best possible customer experience at every step of the window replacement process.

Encouragingly, in a consumer landscape saturated with choice, many brands have catapulted to the forefront of their respective industries by adhering to these principles — better tech and a better customer experience. This is the standard we aim to uphold every day. More than a company that simply sells and installs windows, we are a team of industry specialists that designs and installs patented, innovative products that exceed the expectations of our customers, rather than just meet them.

Our choice to update our name and our wordmark is one that reinforces our commitment to innovation and the customer experience. It’s meant to strike a balance between our tech-driven roots and our evolving commitment to delivering tangible lifestyle benefits stemming from our innovative approach to window design.

magic windows

Why Magic?

Our new branding is about looking forward and celebrating what makes our products unique. We went back to the core
properties and design elements of our product, and looked for inspiration that would define our bold new visual direction:

  • Flexibility
  • Modularity
  • Geometry
  • Symmetry
  • Simplicity

These elements, working in tandem, reveal the magic that results from better, smarter thinking. The resulting wordmark is one that aims to capture these design features while remaining bold, visually appealing and approachable. All the elements here are made from perfectly circular and symmetrical roots. Inspired by the pivoting hinges and the perfect 90° openings that have become defining features of some of our most popular products.

The innovations that set Magic apart.

So, what are these defining features of our most popular products? Read on to find out.

1. The Parallex Hardware System

While crank mechanisms have been a staple of North American window design for some time, they have a propensity to strip, break and loosen as they get older. They also face seasonal-specific issues such as frozen gears and hinges as well as rust. Plus, because crank mechanisms open and close the window only from the bottom, this presents two potential problems:

  1. The thin arm of the crank system has to hold the weight of the entire window sash.
  2. The top of the sash and the bottom do not move in tandem. Over time, the force of gravity causes the sash to warp, sag and bow within the frame.

To get around these design flaws, we developed Parallex® hardware — a system that eliminates the crank, easing operation and improving durability, performance and functionality of your casement windows. This technology forces the top and bottom of the sash to move in complete tandem. This equal distribution of torque and movement is what allows our casement windows to operate without any risk of warping, sagging or distortion.

Learn more about how we make crank windows disappear

parallex windows magic window

2. Hybrid Fusion Frame Technology: Thinner, Stronger, Stylish Frames

While they are popular in the industry for their efficiency and their lower upfront cost, vinyl PVC frames lack strength, rigidity and durability. They are highly susceptible to wear and tear as well as expansion and contraction in fluctuating climates.

Structural flaws aside, however, vinyl PVC is a highly efficient material with a low thermal conductivity. With that in mind, we sought to create better frames by leveraging our experience as a manufacturer of aluminum frames. While aluminum is an incredibly strong, durable material, it’s high thermal conductivity makes it quite inefficient. In combining aluminum and vinyl PVC — along with the added strength of galvanized steel — we sought to make a frame that’s both extremely strong and highly efficient.

Because of their strength and durability, our Hybrid Fusion Frames come standard with a slim, stylish profile that places visual emphasis on the window’s glass and the outdoors beyond. The ultra-thin profile of our frames is a full three inches thinner than many of our competitors, leading to more natural light transmittance and a more contemporary look.

Learn more about the Hybrid Fusion Frame

hybrid fusion frame magic window

3. Screens and blinds, only when you need them.

Homeowners should be able to choose exactly when they make use of their window screens. Our patented Retractable Slide ‘N’ Hide® Insect Screen comes standard in all of our replacement window, patio door, and Window Wall installations.

For added performance, homeowners can also opt to add Solar Screens and Thermal Blinds which also utilize Slide ‘N’ Hide® technology. This feature gives homeowners an unprecedented amount of control over things like insects, dust, natural light, and heat. It allows our blinds and screens to seamlessly retract inside the frame and remain fully out of view when not in use.

Get more information about retractable screens and blinds

screens and blinds

4. Custom-formulated glass to help you get the most out of your windows

Whereas many window companies outsource their glass production, our engineers made the critical decision to bring glass production in-house. It’s these types of decisions that reaffirm our commitment to providing our customers with premium window designs that perform at a high level, year after year. By bringing glass production in house, we are able to incorporate the best-performing energy-efficient technology the industry has to offer. This includes high-performance warm-edge spacers, low-E coatings, gas fills and more.

Learn more about the features and factors that lead to energy-efficient windows

energy efficient windows

40 years of ingenuity and innovation have all led to this…

Simply put, the Magic Window Wall™ is one of the most innovative window systems in North America. Capable of covering walls up to 50ft in length, the Window Wall is constructed of glass panels that operate independently from one another. This allows homeowners to customize the wall opening to whatever size they please. The configuration can range from a full wall of glass when the unit is completely closed, to a small entry door when just one panel is open, to a fully open wall that provides unobstructed views and access to a yard, deck, lake or patio.

magic window wall

Though they are packed with all the features listed above, Window Walls are maintenance-free and incredibly easy to operate. The panels interlock and are airtight so they are highly secure and incredibly energy-efficient.

Technological features aside, the Window Wall is a unit that serves to open up the home to the outdoors — to the light, to the breeze, to the vistas we love. For those looking to create brighter, breezier, jaw-dropping spaces, it’s an ideal system that can be customized to suit your preference.

Realize your vision and redefine your space with Magic.

Regardless of whether you’re simply curious about the window replacement process or you’re actively looking for a fresh look and feel for your home, let’s talk! Call us today to book a free, no-hassle consultation or simply book one online.



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