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Magic Trick #2: Our Frames are Stronger Than the Competition & 50% Slimmer Too

Window | July 30, 2020
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For 40 years, Magic has provided Toronto and the GTA with some of the most advanced residential windows in the world. Our frames, innovative replacement windows, patio doors and Window Walls can add style and performance to any home. Welcome to our blog, where we provide consumers with the information and inspiration they need to make informed decisions about replacing their windows.

Window frames shouldn’t be big and bulky.

After you get past essentials like security, efficiency and durability, the fundamental role of a window is to provide light and a view. As a result, the more surface area comprising glass and the fewer obstructions, the better. And while that sounds obvious, it’s common to see many casement windows with big, bulky frames and mullions that obstruct views and the flow of natural light. In designing our replacement windows, we opted for something different. Read on to learn more about our frames and how they deliver both style and strength.

vinyl windows in toronto

Benefit #1: Our frames deliver superior strength and durability

The main problem with vinyl PVC frames

Regardless of the terms that other window companies may use to describe their frames, vinyl PVC frames are often just hollow pieces of plastic. And while PVC is a popular frame material due to its cost-effectiveness and its advantages when it comes to energy efficiency, these attributes don’t make up for the structural flaws.

Vinyl replacement windows are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is the third-most used synthetic polymer in the world. In other words, PVC is simply plastic — nothing more, nothing less. These frames are a combination of different plasticizers, pigments and chemicals with hollow chambers that allegedly make for a lighter, more flexible product.

What this really means is that hollow vinyl PVC frames lack strength, rigidity and durability. They are disposable products that are highly susceptible to wear and tear as well as expansion and contraction in the heat of Canadian summers and the bitter cold of the winters.

How we solved the problem

There is no denying that vinyl PVC, while structurally flawed, is an efficient material. It has a very low thermal conductivity, meaning that heat does not flow through the material effectively. Add that to the fact that vinyl allows window manufacturers to weld the frame’s corners to create a perfect seal, there is no question that vinyl PVC insulates well and is very effective at repelling water and eliminating unwanted air transfer. The key with vinyl, then, is to use it in the right context.

Magic began as a manufacturer of aluminum windows. Because of this, we’ve always had an appreciation for strength and durability in window design. That said, aluminum does come with one detractor: thermal conductivity leading to poor insulation. In combining aluminum and vinyl PVC — along with the added strength of galvanized steel — we sought to make a frame that’s stronger and more efficient than anything else on the market. We called it the Hybrid Fusion Frame®.

What You Get With Hybrid Fusion Frame Windows & Doors:

  1. A rock-solid frame constructed from anodized aluminum and galvanized steel
  2. An outer surface of specially-formulated and patented U-PVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride)
  3. The long-lasting strength and support of galvanized steel and aluminum
  4. A durable and efficient vinyl frame that won’t expand and contract
  5. A cost-effective, high-performance window frame material that we guarantee will last 40 years or more


our frames

Benefit #2: Our frames are thin, stylish and customizable

The strength and long-lasting durability of the Hybrid Fusion Frame is a significant benefit. However, performance is only one factor in creating the best possible residential replacement window.

Our frames have a slim, stylish profile that places visual emphasis on the window’s glass and the outdoors beyond. The profile of our frames is a full three inches thinner than our competition. This ultra-thin design reduces the frame’s size and maximizes the glass surface to create a more contemporary look. Plus, homeowners can also choose to customize the look of these high-performance frames.

With a wide range of colours and textures to choose from, we can help you match an existing style or branch out into new aesthetic territories. This way, you can achieve the beautiful look of wooden window frames without having to concern yourself with the cost of purchase and upkeep. Here’s a look at the competition’s frames versus our frames:

their frames                 Our Ultra Slim Profile was designed to reduce the frame’s size and maximize the glass surface to create a more modern and contemporary look.

Discover the benefits of more style and better performance today!

Our patented Hybrid Fusion Frame windows and doors are just one of the many ways in which we have revolutionized replacement windows. For more information, book a free, no-hassle in-home or virtual consultation with us today. One of our certified project managers will help to explain the innovative design features that set our windows apart and how they can be customized to suit any home.



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