How to Choose the Right Sliding Patio Doors for Your Home

| October 20, 2014

If you are doing a home renovation or replacing damaged and worn doors, one door that you should think of replacing is your patio door. When choosing the right sliding patio door for your home, there are several key factors that you need to take into consideration. This will help you make an informed decision that you will not regret later on.

Some of the things to keep in mind when choose sliding patio doors are:


The style of the door is extremely important. It should fit seamlessly into the architecture of your home and if possible, enhance the look and feel of your home. Today, you can get frames made from wood, steel, aluminium, vinyl and fibreglass. Choose a frame that is low or zero maintenance, so that you don’t have to worry about keeping it safe from the elements or preventing rot and fading.

Traditionally, sliding patio doors have a single pane of tempered-glass that offers unobstructed view of the garden and also allows ample natural light to filter in. Such doors are sturdy and great for frequent use. However, you also have the option of buying doors with blinds between the glass layers. These help to keep harsh sunlight away and the blind are zero-maintenance. There is an exterior control to open and shut the blinds.

Glass Options

Usually, it is best to go with tempered glass, so that if it breaks, you do not risk getting cut by sharp edges. But, you also have the choice between laminated glass that is great for noisy neighborhoods, as it helps to reduce noise and also keeps out harmful UV rays.

If you want to make your home more energy efficient, look for double- or triple-pane glass. The space between the panes is filled with gas and this helps to keep the cool air in during summer and hot air during winter.

Alternatively, if you want to provide more shade to your living room, you should opt for tinted glass. There are many shades to choose from and you should check as many as possible to make the right choice. Textured glass is perfect if you want natural light to light up the room.


When choosing the right sliding patio door for your home, you should choose a door that is functional, ease to operate and maintenance-free. This means ensuring the door is made from the right material. Today, you can get doors with many added features, such as insect screens, blinds and solar screens. In fact, it is possible to get all these features in a single sliding patio door. Such doors are easy to open and close, maintenance-free, elegant to look at and offer great security.


While homeowners are busy looking at their budget, they forget sliding patio doors also have to look attractive and elegant. When the door is installed, it should fit into the overall style of the house and if possible, make the house look more beautiful. Often aesthetics are controlled by the material used to make the door and the type of glass. So do pay attention to these two factors while choosing the right sliding patio door.

Patio doors not only allow you easy access to your backyard and deck, they also work to enhance the view of your garden. When choosing such a door, determine the kind of look your want your patio area to have and then consider your energy efficiency needs. Then, choose a sliding patio door that best fits your individual situation. The door you choose should be both practical and aesthetically appealing.


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