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4 Ways Our Replacement Windows Outperform Other Vinyl Casements

Window | March 18, 2020
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For 40 years, Magic has provided Toronto and the GTA with some of the most advanced residential windows in the world. Our innovative replacement windows, patio doors and Window Walls can add style and performance to any home. Welcome to our blog, where we provide consumers with the information and inspiration they need to make informed decisions about replacing vinyl casements..

Vinyl PVC (polyvinyl chloride) windows are the most common choice for homeowners looking for replacement windows in Toronto. The perception is that they are a low-cost, low-maintenance option for customers looking to save money on what will inevitably be a significant investment. But while they are indeed cheaper upfront, vinyl casements present numerous challenges in the long run — from wear and tear to significant expansion and contraction in drastically-fluctuating climates. In fact, this loss of seal is the main reason why homeowners come to us to replace their old, underperforming vinyl windows in the first place.

So why replace one cheap, flawed design with a newer version of the same thing? Don’t settle for poor quality to save in the short-term. Read on to learn more about the innovative features that help our casement windows outperform other vinyl PVC casement designs.

1. Our Hybrid Fusion Frames are Stronger Than Cheap Vinyl Casements

Traditional vinyl PVC frames are hollow pieces of plastic prone to long-term physical damage, expansion and contraction and lost and/or broken seals. That said, vinyl can be used in the window manufacturing process despite its structural flaws: it’s very energy-efficient, water-resistant and cost-effective. The key is using it in the right way.

Initially, Magic manufactured aluminum window frames due to their superior long-term strength and stability. On its own, however, aluminum is the least energy-efficient frame material, as it transfers heat and cold very easily. Seeing an innovative solution, we began constructing frames out of a combination of materials to ensure we reaped the benefits of each.

Our Hybrid Fusion Frame uses a skeleton of 18-gauge galvanized steel and anodized aluminum wrapped in a more rigid, lead-free unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (U-PVC). So while we still use a form of high-quality PVC as the outer layer for these reinforced designs, our frames are not hollow. Working together, these frame components create a high-quality, long-lasting product. The steel and aluminum core provides unmatched strength and durability, while the welded corners of the U-PVC outer layer provide an excellent degree of energy efficiency without the potential of expansion, contraction or damage.

vinyl casements

2. Stronger Window Units Lead to Thinner & More Stylish Window Frames

Because of our frame’s higher degree of strength and durability, we are able to create a slimmer frame profile. The profile of our frames is a full three inches thinner than our competition. This ultra-slim design reduces the frame’s size and maximizes the glass surface to create a more contemporary look. Plus, the less space occupied by bigger, bulkier (and ultimately weaker) frames, the more natural light you’ll have access to through your window units. See the difference between our competitors’ frames and our frames here: 

Our competition has thicker window frames compared to our slim window frames that give your home a more modern look.            Our Ultra Slim Profile was designed to reduce the frame’s size and maximize the glass surface to create a more modern and contemporary look.

3. Our Innovative Casement Windows Make Window Cranks Obsolete

Traditional casement windows open and shut like a door through the use of a crank located at the bottom of the window frame. And though these crank mechanisms have been used for decades, they are mechanically flawed: they strip, break and loosen over time. Plus, crank mechanisms create uneven weight distribution and cause the sash (the part of the window that actually opens) to move unevenly within the frame. This inevitably leads to the sash warping, bowing and sagging.

To solve this very common design flaw, we created our ParallexTM hardware system. ParallexTM hardware is an award-winning system that eliminates the crank altogether, easing operation and improving the window’s durability, performance and functionality.

By installing a large galvanized steel rod through the internal part of the sash, ParallexTM technology allows the top and bottom of the sash to move in complete tandem, evenly distributing its weight within the frame. Without the need for cranks or hinges of any kind, the likelihood of mechanical failure is slim to none.

And if that wasn’t enough, ParallexTM technology also improves energy efficiency through tighter seals and creates a wider opening for better views, improved ventilation and a much more accessible route of escape in case of emergency.

Watch how the hardware operates our single casement window here:

4. We Design Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows That Work for Your Home

Purchasing replacement windows is a major investment for every homeowner. That’s why when you purchase and install casements and other types of replacement windows with Magic, you can ensure you are getting windows that are custom-formulated to perform at the highest level for each room in your home.

This commitment goes beyond our frames and straight to the window glass itself. Most window manufacturers purchase their glass units directly from suppliers. We’re different: from glass types and glazings to gas fills and coatings, we formulate our own glass packages and customize them to suit your specific preferences, climate and home’s construction.

To learn more about our commitment to energy-efficiency, check out the following blog post: 

Energy-Efficient Windows: Here is What to Look For

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