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5 Custom Window Design Trends for 2019

| July 19, 2019
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For 40 years, Magic has provided the GTA with some of the most advanced residential windows in the world. Our innovative, ENERGY STAR certified replacement windows, patio doors and Window Walls can add style and performance to any home. Welcome to our blog, where we provide consumers with the information and inspiration they need to make informed decisions about replacing their windows.

While it’s common to think of windows primarily as functional components of a home, it’s important to appreciate the role they play in cultivating atmosphere and aesthetics. The truth is clear: windows are essential in making homes feel complete. Because windows contribute so much to the realization of home design aspirations, homeowners should consider beautiful custom designs that make a statement and add something unique. Because design trends and conventions are always changing, we’ve compiled this list of window design trends for 2019 that combine style, elegance and performance. With any luck, they’ll inspire your next window replacement project.

1. The Window Wall is a Beautiful, Modern Window Design Trend

Check out these Window Design Trends for 2019

So much of modern home design centres around creating unconventional, dramatic transitions between the inside and the outside. Many homeowners are now choosing to both brighten and open their interiors by using window walls. These units truly invite the outside in like never before. In fact, the Window Wall is considered one of the most innovative and dynamic window and door systems in North America.

At Magic, we construct the Magic Series Window Wall with autonomous panels that operate independently from one another. This allows homeowners to completely manipulate and customize the size of the opening. These beautiful designs can cover walls as large as 50ft and will completely transform any space by maximizing light and views to the outside. Add in the ability to customize textures and colours, and you have an ultra-modern window unit that can both create dramatic contrast and fit in alongside the rest of your home’s design components.

2. Synthetic Wood Textures: All of the Style, None of the Hassle.

From a purely aesthetic perspective, wood is one of the most timeless and desirable window frame materials. Aside from its durability, wood has a classic, rustic look and feel that many homeowners find difficult to resist. That said, wood is incredibly expensive to both install and maintain over the years. These frames require regular maintenance (painting, sanding, caulking) and are prone to rot and mildew. Plus, wood is a fast-depleting resource. Despite all this, wood continues to be a trendy choice for window design.

For homeowners who want the classic look and feel of wood, but would rather not deal with the associated costs or environmental concerns, Magic offers synthetic wood-laminated textures that wrap around our incredibly strong, stylish Hybrid Fusion Frames. It’s the perfect solution to the logistical problems that wood materials present.

3. Black or Coloured Window Frames Are a Major Window Design Trend for 2019

Window Design Trends for 2019

Of all the window design trends for 2019, this one might be the most popular. Whether it’s the kitchen, the bathroom or the living room, there is something about black accents that can add so much to various rooms around the house. The trend of using black in the home has been gaining steam for quite some time in contemporary builds and shows no signs of slowing down.

When it comes time to consider where to put said accents, window frames present an ideal opportunity both inside the home and on the exterior. Setting black against lighter-coloured interior walls, brick, or siding can create rich accents and striking contrast in various locations around the home. And while black is a very popular choice, other dark colours and shades can achieve a similar effect depending on your desired colour scheme. Magic can match the interior and exterior frames as well as hardware to any colour of your choosing.

4. Clean, Minimal and Modern

Gone are the days of excessive arches, complex shapes, and crowded grill patterns. While these features still suit windows in older, traditional home designs, modern homeowners are now opting for clean, thin, straight lines and minimal obstructions. These designs are simple, straightforward and highlight the beauty of both the home and the window itself. And just because these designs are easier on the eye does not make them boring. With the right accents, thinner frames and tastefully chosen grill patterns, a simple rectangular casement window can be truly stunning.

Magic Series casement windows have the added benefit of featuring retractable screens and fully crankless operation. Even though cranks have been used for decades, they are mechanically flawed. They will strip, break and loosen over time. Our patented parallex® hardware turns outdated crank windows into crankless feats of engineering. Instead of operating the sash with a crank, homeowners can now swing the sash outward by sliding it along a horizontal axis. Not only does this allow for more reliable performance, the lack of cranks and permanent screens also contributes to a cleaner, more modern design.

5. Energy Efficiency is a Window Design Trend for 2019

window design trends for 2019

While energy efficiency doesn’t immediately scream style and beauty, it’s trendy for entirely different reasons. With energy being as expensive as it is, the rising cost of living and the growing need to reduce our collective carbon footprint, energy-efficient windows present an excellent opportunity to save money and to use energy in the home more responsibly.

Magic formulates windows that adhere to the rigorous energy-efficiency standards of organizations like ENERGY STAR and the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). Through a combination of gas fills, climate-specific low-E coating and a low U-factor, our windows can improve a home’s efficiency by over 40%. That number doesn’t even take into account the efficiencies generated by our Integrated Blind Systems and Energy Blind Technology. And because we formulate all of our glass in-house, we are able to maximize window performance in accordance with specific preferences, climates and home designs.

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Get on Trend for 2019 With Magic

Now that you know some of the most popular window design trends for 2019, let Magic help you make your home makeover a reality. In addition to designing and installing the most innovative window designs in the GTA, Magic is fully committed to helping homeowners realize new and exciting visions for their homes. Because we produce all our own components in-house, we can do things other companies can’t even dream of doing.

So whether you’re looking to match an existing look, or transform your home according to the latest window design trends, Magic has the experience and the tools to help you achieve what you want.



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