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Window Walls for Your Toronto Ontario Home

| January 30, 2017

With the abundance of stunning views throughout Toronto, there’s no wonder why so many homeowners are opting to have window walls installed in their home. True to their name, window walls are windows that serve as substitutions for walls, rather than traditional windows that are installed into pre-existing walls. While the look alone is enough to sell any homeowner on this stylish window option, they also come with a number of added benefits.

Window Walls Add to Your Homes Natural Light

One of the number one things homeowners look for when purchasing a new house is the amount of natural light that enters it. Not only is natural light beautiful and energizing, but the extra UV rays entering your home can help keep it warm, even during cooler months, This means you will need to use fewer lights and air conditioning in your home, resulting in a lower monthly utility bill.

Window Walls Make Your Home Feel Larger

The use of large window openings creates a less confining feeling within your home. While many homeowners believe that wall windows are only ideal for larger homes, the truth is they are perfect for smaller rooms that need the appearance of extra space. To really optimize your space, opt for floor to ceiling windows that create the illusion of height in the room

Window Walls Are Incredibly Customizable

Homeowners can decide whether they want any exposed materials, foldable doors or other customizations added to their window walls to fit the unique style of their home. Window Walls can typically be found in fiberglass, wood, aluminum and steel and allow homeowners to make alterations on their frames, depths and even door inserts. Homeowners also have the option to have various finishes added to the window walls to make them, even more, energy efficient.

Window Walls Are Ideal for Outdoor Entertaining

If you enjoy entertaining in your home often, it’s important to keep in mind how easily window walls create access from the indoors to the outdoors. Unlike traditional patio doors, with Window Walls, there is no separation between interior and exterior spaces, making events and entertaining a breeze.

Window Walls are just one of the many stunning options we have available. You will love our window walls with award-winning Parralex Hardware and superior security rating. Our fully customizable Window Wall is the perfect fit for any home, and can easily be integrated into a place of any size wall. If you have more questions about the Window Wall or would like to get an idea of what the project would cost, we recommend beginning with booking a free quote. To schedule your free quote today give us a call at 1-866-656-2442 or visit us in person at 75 Rowntree Dairy Road Woodbridge, ON L4L 6CB. Our highly trained staff is ready to consult you on any questions you may have, and introduce you to some of the best window and patio door options on the market.


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