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What Are Thermal Blinds?

| September 29, 2014

When it comes to energy conservation in the home, there are several ways you can reduce your costs for heating and cooling. Starting with installation of energy-efficient doors and windows can significantly reduce costs of energy by avoiding the loss of heat or air through weak points in the home. These also add value to your home, in the event you decide to sell. However, if you’re going to invest in new doors and windows, it could also be of great value to invest in thermal blinds as well.

Thermal blinds are an energy efficient way to keep a comfortable temperature in your home year round. Thermal blinds can be cut to the specific measurements of any window or sliding glass door in your home for a perfect fit. These types of blinds are ideal for all different types of windows but are best suited in windows or covering doors that face east or west, keeping sunlight from affecting the temperature in your home. You may also find great value in covering your entry points with thermal blinds on the side of your home that is most exposed to wind.

Thermal blinds are easy to install and can be fixed to an existing frame or sash box. They reduce your loss of heat or cooling in the home and also remove down drafts from all of your windows. This also assures the outside elements that sometimes creep through even the most energy-efficient windows don’t enter your home and cause temperature changes or damage the interior of your home.

Most energy saving blinds are made of a flexible fabric with many insulating layers, and for your convenience, they will easily attach to an existing frame with powerful magnetic devices. This also allows for simple removal and cleaning, as all blinds tend to build up dust and need to be wiped down from time to time.

In addition to their energy efficient features, thermal blinds can also completely block out any outside light. This offers you complete privacy and comfort in any room you choose to install them in. It’s easy to retract the blinds whenever you want to let natural light indoors.

If you’re in the market to save on energy and improve the quality of your home, consider thermal blinds as a viable option. Magic can install custom thermal blinds for any of your new energy efficient windows. Ask one of our window specialists about how our special thermal blinds can reduce your utility bills while increasing your comfort!


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