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2023’s Most Exciting Upcoming Window Design Trends

Window | October 12, 2022
modern window design trend

For 40 years, Magic has provided the GTA with some of the most advanced residential windows in the world. Our innovative replacement windows, patio doors and Window Walls can add style and performance to any home. Welcome to our blog, where we provide consumers with the information and inspiration they need to make informed decisions about replacing their windows.


The last couple of years have made home decor even more of a priority for Canadians. With homes becoming so much more than homes (offices, daycares, and more!), people are seeing how valuable it is to invest in their homes.

Windows are one change that can drastically transform the look and feel of your space. So if you’re looking to change up your windows while staying on trend, look no further. This article will cover why people are doubling down on upgrading their windows and the top window design trends to look out for.

What Makes Window Design so Important?

Here are some of the reasons investing in window design that you love is worth it.

Visual Appeal

Windows are a cornerstone of a house’s visual appeal — they make up a huge part of how the exterior of your home looks. If you want to upgrade the look of your home without refacing the entire exterior, a window change can make a huge statement.

Financial Benefits

Proper modern windows can actually also have some financial benefits. But how? With high quality windows, you run a more energy efficient home. You will spend less on heating and cooling your house as proper insulation keeps heat from escaping in the winter months, and cold air in during the summer.

Resale Value

The home market in Ontario has been a rollercoaster for the last two years. The highs and lows have homeowners constantly looking for new ways to improve their space when they choose to sell — and you can’t undersell the value of curb appeal. People want a house that looks great on the outside, not one that needs fixing up the second they move in. Quality windows are a great way to elevate the curb appeal and resale value.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the reasons why different window trends and styles for your home are so important, let’s get into the fun stuff. Here are the top seven window trends of the upcoming year.

2023’s Window Design Trends

1. Black Windows

The idea of black decor can make people nervous, given it’s such a bold colour. But black is becoming a new neutral, since it’s a colour that adds a sophisticated pop into a room of softer colours. That’s why black window frames have become a trending look. Black frames are versatile; they look good with most interior designs. The powerful contrast they create in relation to a more neutral space is a great statement.

modern home exterior with black window frames

2. Window Walls

A Window Wall is a game-changing window solution that allows homeowners to make the most of all the space they have. This innovative system allows a wall in the home — up to 50 feet in length — to be constructed of glass panels.

This feature is growing in popularity because it allows homeowners to make the most of their incredible outdoor views. Window Walls are especially breathtaking on cottages or other homes rooted in nature as it helps to capture the natural environment even more.

If you want to see more of this modern window trend or how it fits into different settings, there is a ton of window wall inspiration out there.

Learn More About the Window Wall

window wall

3. Bay Windows

Bay windows are not only an impressive window style for homes, but a timeless trend. They are an elegant way to add value, natural light, and add up to three feet of space to your home.

There is also a lot of room for creativity with bay windows. They can be turned into storage space, a counter, or a reading nook.

4. Unique Window Shapes

The idea that windows have to be some form of rectangle is becoming more outdated, especially fuelled by the rise in A-frame popularity. A frame windows allow for the most natural light to enter the home, and create a majestic statement.

However, this unique window shape trend goes beyond A frames. Modern window design includes circles, half circles, hexagons, and pentagons. These new shapes are increasingly being included in home design as a way to add more dimension.

uniquely shaped window

5. Windowed Doors

Windowed doors are a booming trend that make a great statement as a focal point for the front of your home.

A windowed door is a door with large glass portions. The increased light allowed in through the door will illuminate your entryway beautifully. When you compare this to a standard door that doesn’t allow as much light in, it becomes clear why this trend is on the rise.

Beyond the additional natural light, windowed doors are great for curb appeal and security. They look great and allow you to see anybody approaching your home. If you want the benefits of windowed doors with more privacy, you can even add a tint that makes it hard to see inside.

windowed door

6. Privacy Windows

Privacy windows are a window finish rather than a style of windows, but their ability to let natural light in while keeping prying eyes out has made this a popular consideration.

Typically added as a window film on top of a window, this allows homeowners to get the exact look they want for windows without compromising. You can get privacy windows that also have different looks. From a dark tint to a stained glass feel, there’s room to customize so that you can match your interior design vision.

privacy window

7. Pops of Colour

Colour is a powerful thing. It can make a statement, create an emotional feeling, and even bring back memories. In the case of window design, coloured frames are also a prominent trend. People are starting to see coloured window frames as a way to add personality to their home decor while enhancing the overall look.

Another benefit of adding colour to your window panes is an added layer of durability. When using the right materials , adding colourcreates another layer of protection on the panes and can keep your windows looking newer for longer.

Bonus Trend: Energy Efficient Windows

These aren’t as much of a modern window design trend, given energy efficient windows come in numerous styles and colours. However, the shift towards more energy efficient homes is worth noting.

Not only is this a trend (that’s likely to stick around!), it’s extremely beneficial to homeowners. Homeowners with energy efficient windows are able to save money on energy, as heat and cold air are better regulated by these types of windows. It’s an upgrade that looks good and feels good on the wallet.

If you decide energy efficient upgrades are the window design trend you want to capitalize on, you can look into the Canada Greener Homes Grant. This grant helps Canadians finance energy efficient home upgrades, including energy efficient windows.

Final Notes on 2023’s Modern Window Design Trends

The key to finding the right window style for your home? Choosing what works for you. Trends will come and go, so choosing a style that you’ll like today and five years from now is what’s most important.

If there’s a window upgrade that feels right for your home, get in touch with our team at Magic today. We would love to work with you and make your vision come to life!



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