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A Visual Guide to The Window Wall

Window Walls | July 25, 2022
magic window wall


If we learned anything in high school English, it’s the classic storytelling rule: show, don’t tell. So instead of telling you why our Window Walls are great, we thought we’d just show you what makes them so versatile, practical, and most importantly: efficient. 

Let’s take a look… 

breaking down the window wall

More than meets the eye

What you get is much more than what you see. Beyond the incredible natural light and unobstructed views, we’ve packed the Window Walls with some great features. Let’s get into what makes these windows so unique. Starting with our Hybrid Fusion Frames

window wall and patio doors

We wanted to combine the strength and durability of aluminum and galvanized steel with the excellent insulating properties of vinyl PVC. The result is a stronger, more efficient window frame that will perform well and require little to no maintenance for 40 years or more. Check out this cross-section to see how they work! 

window wall hybrid fusion frame

Out of sight, but in control  

At Magic™, we wanted to rethink window screens and blinds altogether. It was our goal to design systems that were more functional, user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and, most importantly, could disappear when they weren’t needed. The result? Retractable screens, shades, and blinds made with our patented Slide ‘N’ Hide® Technology.

window wall

Check them out in action right here: 

Elegance meets energy efficiency 

window wall

When considering new windows, especially large ones like our Window Walls, energy efficiency should be a primary concern. We formulate our glass in-house which allows us to design custom insulated glass units tailored to the unique needs of each and every customer. From gas fills to low-E coatings and warm edge spacers, each glass unit is custom-made to maximize its thermal efficiency in your space. Here’s a look inside! 

window wall

Find out how a Magic Window Wall could work in your space 

To learn more about how the versatility, efficiency, and customization of Magic™ Window Walls  could transform your space, book a free, no-hassle consultation today. One of our certified project managers can help explain how a Window Wall could work for you. Contact us today and see first-hand why Magic produces the world’s most advanced replacement windows. 

Learn more about our Window Walls on our website! 



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