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Custom Black Window Frames Have Taken Ontario by Storm. Here’s Why!

| May 17, 2022
custom black window frames


Whether you’re customizing a new build or starting a home renovation, it always helps to have some inspiration to help you bring your vision to life. Just a quick walk around your neighbourhood is probably enough to see that custom black window frames are becoming more popular by the day. If these sleek, stylish, eye-catching frames have piqued your interest, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to find out why these frames have become so popular, and to discover how MagicTM delivers on this trendy look without compromising on performance or durability.

Where Did The Custom Black Frames Trend Come From?

Black frames have been gaining traction for years. While they may be a popular choice right now, the style isn’t actually all that new! Window frames made of iron or blackened steel date back to the 19th century where you could find them in factories and warehouses. In much more recent times, they could be found in converted apartments and modern farmhouses.

custom black frames: abandoned factory

Now, it’s easy to find beautiful, custom black window frames on social media, on home decor blogs and in neighbourhoods all over Ontario. Other home design trends have been inspired by industrial aesthetics — like concrete and brick interiors — so it’s not surprising that these complementary windows would make their way into modern design, too.

Here’s Why We Love Custom Black Window Frames

The magic Difference

Striking black frames might not be for everyone, but we definitely support this bold new look for the windows and doors around your home. Here are just a few reasons to love them:

1. They Create a Captivating Contrast

Bold, black frames make a statement. They instantly add a dramatic, contrasting element to your home design that catches the eye. An upgrade to these alluring black frames can really help modernize the look and feel of your home.

2. They Work With Any Design or Architectural Style

custom black frames: a lakeside cottage

From minimalist, modern homes to traditional lakeside cottages, black frames complement many styles and types of decor. They add an extra touch of character both inside and outside the home.

3. They Complement Most Building Materials

Whether it be brick, wood, stone or siding, custom black window frames are more than likely to be a great match against the materials that make up your home.

4. They Generate Curb Appeal

custom black frames: degrassi home

Considering how trendy black frames have become, you can count on them generating some curb appeal for your home. They can be a meaningful investment in your home’s future value, helping your property stand out for all the right reasons.

5. Black is a Timeless Accent

Don’t be scared off by the word “trend.” Using black as an accent colour for your window frames isn’t a design choice we see going away any time soon considering its stylistic versatility and timeless appeal.

Still Undecided? See Which Frame Style is Right For You

Homeowners may find that it’s difficult to choose between lighter and darker window frames. Let us help you figure out which aesthetic direction might be more suitable for you:

White/Lighter Frames Black/Darker Frames
Want to make small rooms feel larger? Go with lighter frames: they’ll blend in with your light-coloured walls, making any room they’re in appear more spacious. Choose large, black frames to bring your outside views in. Eye-catching black frames really highlight your outdoor vistas, so if you’ve got them, flaunt them!
Does your home feature dramatic vintage decor, loud wallpapers, or other statement pieces? Choose lighter frames to avoid distracting from your favourite decor. Black frames are their own statement piece. Highlight them with other small, black accents, but don’t get too excessive — especially with drapes and blinds.
Lighter window frames are a safe, dependable choice that homeowners, designers and architects have been turning to for years. Looking to make a big visual impact in your home design? Create bold contrast with custom black window frames or a similarly dark tone.

No Matter What You Choose, Having The Option to Customize is Key

custom black frames: Magic Window Wall

Still not convinced that custom black window frames are for you? Looking for a bold frame in a colour that isn’t black? That’s okay! Ultimately, what matters most is choosing a window replacement company that can work with you to customize your windows and doors to your liking.

This can mean customizing the configuration, shape and/or colour of your window frames, adding built-in insect screens and blinds and formulating the glass to suit your home’s construction. Regardless of what you’re looking for from your new windows or patio doors, you can trust that we will work with you to ensure your new units are perfect for your home.

The Magic Difference

Unlike many other window replacement companies, we manufacture and formulate all of our windows, patio door and Window Wall units in-house. Whether it be black window frames or something else entirely, we can help bring your vision to life — not just with custom colours, but also with energy-efficient, high-performance units that will suit the specific needs of your home or cottage.

We don’t believe you should have to choose between aesthetics and performance. When you upgrade to Hybrid Fusion Frames from Magic, you’ll get a slim and stylish frame built with strong, energy-efficient materials. More specifically, these frames combine the efficiency of vinyl with the strength of aluminum and galvanized steel. This makes for a thermally-efficient frame that will last year after year through all the fluctuating weather conditions in Ontario.

Learn More About Hybrid Fusion Frames.

Realize Your Vision and Redefine Your Space With Magic.

Want to learn more about installing customizable windows and doors? Reach out today to book a free, no-hassle consultation! One of our qualified representatives will be happy to walk you through the process and help you find custom solutions that will suit your preferences and meet the needs of your space.



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