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Custom Windows. Made in Ontario. Over 40 Patents: See the Magic™ Difference!

Window | August 3, 2022
custom ontario made windows


Premium Custom Windows Manufactured For Ontarians, By Ontarians.

Over the past 40 years, we have grown from an Ontario-based window manufacturer into a direct-to-consumer brand focused on one thing: providing home and cottage owners with the most stylish, energy-efficient custom windows in Ontario. So far, it’s worked out well! We have:

  • Completed over 50,000 installations in Southern Ontario
  • Won the 2021 Window + Door Magazine Award for the Most Innovative Patio, Multi-Slide or Multi-Panel Door
  • Been named the Best Window and Door Company in the GTA by Toronto Star readers in three consecutive years
  • Won a Homestars “Best of” Award
  • Accrued an average 4.7 star rating from over 1,300 online customer reviews.

Living up to these standards comes down to two things: customization and innovation:

  1. In order for homeowners to get the most out of their windows, both from an aesthetic and performance standpoint, their new units must suit their home perfectly.
  2. It’s not enough for window companies to say their windows are the most stylish and efficient — most of them do. But what innovations are they bringing to the table? What distinguishes their product? How can they back these claims up?

In this post, we will dig deeper into customization and innovation and explain how they are fundamental to our approach to window design, manufacturing and installation.

What Goes in to Designing and Installing Custom Windows in Ontario?

No matter how you look at it, the cost of window replacement in Toronto, Mississauga, cottage country and Ontario as a whole is a significant investment. That said, it’s an investment that can pay off in the longrun, provided the job is done properly:

  • Highly efficient, properly sealed windows can help you keep utility costs down
  • New windows can boost curb appeal and potentially increase home value

This is where custom windows can really make a difference for home and cottage owners. The more suited your new windows and doors are to your home’s unique style and configuration, the better. At Magic, we approach custom windows in Ontario in a few key ways:

1. Custom Styles, Colours and Grill Patterns

Properly customized windows can really make a difference from a visual standpoint. Regardless of the window company you choose, they should be able to nail the look and feel of your windows. This is especially important when:

  • You’re renovating an older house and want to match classic styles
  • You’re trying to bring an old design into the 21st century
  • You’re trying to creating stunning contrast between different building materials
  • You want to install a stunning statement window unit in a popular gathering spot in your home or cottage
  • There’s a particular look and feel you’re after and it just can’t be any other way

Window Styles: From single, double and triple casement windows to sliders, hung windows, awnings and bay windows, we offer an extensive selection of operable window styles to help you get the look and functionality you’re looking for. Plus, we can also configure fixed window units into a wide range of shapes and sizes.

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Grills: If you’re looking to create or maintain a classic look, window grills are a must. We’ll provide you with endless grill variations to play around with including colonial, diamond, classic, cathedral, traditional and Victorian, just to name a few. During the consultation process, we’ll work with you to ensure each new unit gets the proper grill treatment.


Textures: If you’re looking to maintain the classic look of wood, but would rather not deal with things like rotting, denting, peeling and termites, look into frosted glass options. All of the look, none of the hassle or seasonal maintenance!

Colours: Windows don’t have to be black and white. Be sure to inquire about custom colours that suit the interior and exterior of your home. Even the frames and hardware on your windows can be painted to your liking.

2. The Window Wall

Simply put, the Window Wall is one of the most innovative window systems in North America. Capable of covering walls up to 50ft in length, the Window Wall is constructed of glass panels that operate independently from one another. This allows homeowners to customize the wall opening to whatever size they please. The configuration can range from a full wall of glass when the unit is completely closed, to a small entry door when just one panel is open, to a fully open wall that provides unobstructed views and access to a yard, deck or patio.

As a window application, the Window Wall is most commonly designed with two panels to mimic the look and functionality of a European-style casement. This means that when the window is open, there is no middle mullion obstructing views into, or out of, the home or cottage. This makes them the perfect choice for living rooms, sunrooms or centre gathering rooms to create dramatic views and a beautiful sense of flow between the indoors and outdoors.

3. Custom-Formulated Glass

The most important advantage of installing custom windows is the ability optimize their energy efficiency performance. Because we formulate and manufacture all of our own windows and doors in-house, we can deliver a level of customization our competitors can’t. From gas fills to low-E coatings and warm-edge spacers, each glass unit we produce is made to maximize thermal efficiency according to your home’s construction, configuration and location.

Gas Fills: Noble gases such as krypton, argon and xenon are used to fill the space between the glass panes in your window units. The addition of heavy gases allows the unit to resist air transfer and retain heat. Most manufacturers will fill just ½ – ¾ of an inch of space with gas. With our innovative approach to glass formulation, we’re able to extend that gap to a full inch. This means we can fill our units with 25% – 50% more gas, and more gas means better insulation.

Learn More About Gas Fills Here >>

Low-E Coatings: These transparent, ultra thin coatings are added to windows glass to help regulate the passage of solar radiation. The configuration of these coatings can be tailored to deliver the right performance for homes in specific climate regions:

In warmer climates, the glass can be formulated with a heavy Low-E coating such as Guardian’s Sunguard 62/27 that will significantly reduce the amount of heat coming through the glass.
In Southern Ontario, where the weather changes drastically from hot to cold over the year, a balanced Low-E formula such as the ClimaGuard 70/36 is best. It’s designed to allow you to take advantage of the sun’s heat in the winter, while not having it be overwhelming in the summer months.

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Warm-Edge Spacers: Over time, windows can expand and contract as the weather changes from season to season, making seal failure in cheap or aging windows all too common. This can lead to major issues that will compromise your windows’ ability to keep your home insulated. Warm edge spacers insulate the edges of a window unit and keep the glass panes firmly apart. They add structural stability and mitigate the stress of thermal expansion and contraction. By expanding and contracting at the same rate as the glass unit, they help prevent gas from escaping.

Learn More About Warm-Edge Spacers Here >>

Our Innovative Approach to Designing Custom Windows in Ontario

We have developed over 40 pieces of patented technology since we began manufacturing windows in Ontario over 40 years ago. Here are some of the key innovations we have made over the years to improve the style, functionality and performance of replacement windows and doors.

The Parallex® Hardware System: Crankless Casement Windows

Crank mechanisms have been a staple of North American window design for some time. Have a look at any casement window around your home and you’ll most likely see one. Despite its popularity, window cranks are flawed pieces of hardware that cause more problems over time than they’re worth:

  1. Window cranks will strip, break and loosen as they get older
  2. They also face seasonal-specific issues such as frozen gears and hinges as well as rust
  3. Because crank mechanisms open and close the window only from the bottom, the thin arm of the crank system has to hold the weight of the entire window sash (the part that opens and closes)
  4. The top of the sash and the bottom do not move in tandem. Over time, the force of gravity causes the sash to warp, sag and bow within the frame

To get around these design flaws, we developed Parallex® hardware — a system that eliminates the crank entirely to improve the performance and longevity of casement windows. This technology forces the top and bottom of the sash to move in complete tandem. This equal distribution of torque and movement is what allows our casement windows to operate without any risk of warping, sagging or distortion.


Slide ‘N’ Hide® Technology: Say Goodbye to Fixed Screens and Blinds

We could have filed this one under “customization” as well, but our retractable screen and blind technology is one of the innovations we are the most proud of — and one that our customers absolutely love. When it came to rethinking fixed insect screens and blinds, It was our goal to design systems that were more functional, user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and, most importantly, would disappear when they weren’t needed. The result? Slide ‘N’ Hide® Technology.

Retractable Insect Screens: These come standard in all of our window, patio door, and Window Wall installations, increasing natural light transmittance and providing unobstructed views of the outdoors all year round. This adjustability gives home and cottage owners complete control over when, where and how they use their screens

Retractable Solar Shades: Sliding the Solar Screen into place helps to filter the sunlight while not cutting it off entirely. This means you can still let in the natural light, while blocking out much of the added heat that can lead to uncomfortable interior temperatures during the summer. In colder but sunnier weather, the ability to retract the screen allows you to capitalize on the sun’s heat when it’s actually wanted.

Retractable Blackout Blinds: These can help improve the thermal efficiency and the look and feel of your windows and doors. Not only do they work to prevent heat loss and improve insulation, but they also disappear from view when they aren’t needed! The ability of these blinds to fully retract out of sight when they aren’t in use can transform your windows’ aesthetic and create a clean, contemporary look. Plus, our Thermal Blinds are blackout blinds that increase the privacy of your windows.

The Hybrid Fusion Frame®: Strong, Slimmer and More Stylish Windows

When choosing between window frames, homeowners often choose vinyl frames, and it’s easy to see why: they’re affordable, low maintenance and thermally efficient. The catch? Without any reinforcement, these frames lack strength, rigidity and durability, making them highly susceptible to wear-and-tear and expansion and contraction from fluctuating temperatures. This might mean that those “affordable” vinyl frames end up costing more than you anticipated after repairs and replacement down the line.

We take a different approach with our premium windows – combining the insulating benefits of vinyl with the strength and durability of steel and aluminum for a frame that prioritizes long-term performance.

Hybrid Fusion Frames® from Magic consist of a skeleton of stainless steel and anodized aluminum, providing the vinyl shell with the reinforcement it lacks to create a stronger, more well-rounded frame. In this way, we’re able to offer the best qualities of vinyl without any of the drawbacks. It also means you can enjoy low-maintenance, thermally efficient frames you can count on season after season.

Learn More About Our Hybrid Fusion Frames Here >>

Looking for Custom Windows in Ontario? See the Magic Difference for Yourself

If you still have questions about our products, our processes, our services or our company in general, please do not hesitate to contact us! One of our representatives will be happy to talk and address any questions or concerns you may have. You can also book a free, no-hassle consultation if you’re ready to take the first step towards installing and enjoying better, smarter windows.



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