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Homemade Innovation: Our Premium Residential Windows are Made in Ontario

Window | October 23, 2020

For 40 years, Magic has provided Toronto and the GTA with some of the most premium residential windows in the world. Our innovative replacement windows, patio doors and Window Walls can add style and performance to any home. Welcome to our blog, where we provide consumers with the information and inspiration they need to make informed decisions about replacing their windows.

Our premium residential windows are stamped with the Made in Ontario seal of approval

It’s one thing to sell and install an innovative product; it’s quite another to claim responsibility for designing, engineering, patenting and selling that product in the same place for over 40 years. At Magic, we have done just that. We are proud to call Ontario home and contribute to the homegrown innovation, ingenuity and industry found all over this province.

More than that, though, we are proud to provide Ontario residents with premium, locally-manufactured replacement windows that will improve their homes and that they can take pride in for years to come. Read on to learn more about the Made in Ontario stamp of approval and the most innovative features that make up our premium residential replacement windows.

premium residential windows

What does the Made in Ontario seal mean for consumers?

In industries such as farming and agriculture, “locally-grown” is a signifier that has come to mean a lot. When it comes to other industries, however, it’s often the case that consumers have no idea what products are manufactured locally and which ones aren’t. At a time when transparency and accountability are more in demand than ever, more and more consumers consider this manufacturing information a key driver of their purchasing decisions.

More than just a signifier of a locally-manufactured product, the Made in Ontario seal is meant to help consumers make informed decisions about their purchases, increase the sale of Ontario-made products and show solidarity with the 40,000 manufacturers who employ 750,000 Ontarians, who make millions of different products for sale at home and around the world.

Magic has completed over 50,000 replacement window and door installations in Southern Ontario and look forward to continuing to serve Ontario residents for many years to come.

premium residential windows

Ontario-made innovations that set our replacement windows apart

Over the last 40 years, we have cultivated a reputation as one of Southern Ontario’s most trusted brands for premium residential windows and doors. Learn more about the key features that lead to this reputation below.

1. Thinner, Stronger More Stylish Window Frames

It’s common to see many windows with big, bulky frames and mullions that obstruct views and the flow of natural light into the home. In designing our replacement windows, we opted to create a thinner frame that was also far stronger than conventional replacement frames which are made from a synthetic polymer called polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

These frames are a combination of different plasticizers, pigments and chemicals with hollow chambers that allegedly make for a lighter, more flexible product. What this really means is that hollow vinyl PVC frames lack strength, rigidity and durability. They are disposable products that are highly susceptible to wear and tear as well as expansion and contraction in the heat of Canadian summers and the bitter cold of the winters.

That said, PVC is efficient. It has a very low thermal conductivity, meaning that heat does not flow through the material effectively. Add that to the fact that vinyl allows window manufacturers to weld the frame’s corners to create a perfect seal, there is no question that vinyl PVC insulates well and is very effective at repelling water and eliminating unwanted air transfer. The key with vinyl, then, is to use it in the right context.

To ensure strength, durability and efficiency, we combined aluminum, galvanized steel and vinyl. The result? A thinner, more stylish frame that’s stronger and more efficient than anything else on the market. We called it the Hybrid Fusion Frame.

What You Get With Hybrid Fusion Frame® Windows & Doors:

  1. A rock-solid frame constructed from anodized aluminum and galvanized steel
  2. An outer surface of specially-formulated and patented U-PVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride)
  3. A durable and efficient vinyl frame that won’t expand and contract
  4. A cost-effective, high-performance window frame material that we guarantee will last 40 years or more

premium residential windows

2. Custom-Formulated, Energy-Efficient Glass

Whereas many window companies outsource their glass production, our engineers made the critical decision to bring glass production in-house. It’s these types of decisions that reaffirm our commitment to providing Ontarians with windows and doors that work for their homes.

By bringing glass production in house, we are able to incorporate the best-performing energy-efficient technology the industry has to offer. This includes high-performance warm-edge spacers, low-E coatings, gas fills and more. All of this ensures that your replacement window units work to provide high-performance energy efficiency year after year and in any season.

To learn more about the features and factors that lead to energy-efficient windows, consult our blog post:
A Guide to Purchasing Energy Efficient Replacement Windows in Toronto

3. Our ParallexTM Hardware system makes crank windows obsolete

A staple of North American window design for years, the window crank is an outdated, flawed piece of hardware that can lead to casement window issues down the line. Crank systems work by opening the window sash from the bottom, which forces the thin arm of the crank system to hold the weight of the entire window sash. Crank mechanisms also have a propensity to strip, break and loosen over time. They also face seasonal-specific issues such as frozen gears and hinges as well as rust.

To get around these issues, we developed ParallexTM hardware — an award-winning system that eliminates the crank, easing operation and improving durability, performance and functionality of your casement windows. In essence, ParallexTM technology forces the top and bottom of the sash to move together. This equal distribution of torque and movement is what allows our casement windows to operate without any risk of warping, sagging or distortion.

premium windows

4. Enjoy fully retractable insect screens, solar screens and thermal blinds

Dusty, dirty, static insect screens obstruct views, restrict natural light and collect allergens over time. And at the end of the day, homeowners should be able to choose exactly when they make use of these screens. Our patented Retractable Slide ‘N’ Hide® Insect Screen comes standard in all of our replacement window, patio door, and Window Wall installations.

For added performance, homeowners can also opt to add Solar Screens and Thermal Blinds which also utilize Slide ‘N’ Hide® technology. Whether it’s the Insect Screen, the Solar Screen or the Thermal Blinds, this innovative system gives homeowners an unprecedented amount of control over things like insects, dust, natural light, and heat. It allows our blinds and screens to seamlessly retract inside the frame and remain fully out of view when not in use.

Embrace the benefits of homegrown innovation! Book a free consultation today.

In addition to the key features above, we also offer best-in-class installation and a 40-year warranty that can’t be beaten. To learn more about our locally-manufactured windows and how they can benefit your home, book a free consultation today. Following that, one of our representatives will walk you through the window replacement process and answer any questions you may have about our technology.



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