Crankless Parallex Hardware

Parallex hardware is ground breaking- It completely changes the way you interact with your windows. It improves performance, durability, operation, and energy efficiency and allows you to open, close, and clean your windows effortlessly. The patented technology replaces the crank mechanism with easy to use handles that allow you to push and pull our windows like you would a door. To learn more about the technology behind the Parallex system click here.

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Slide' N Hide Retractable Bug Screen

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15 years ago, we were the first window manufacturer to patent and feature a retractable bug screen in our products and although many have tried to copy us since-not one have been able to do so nearly as successfully. Our screen's smooth and flawless operation stems from its cartridge design. It is, till this day, the only retractable bug screen that’s fully integrated into the window or doorframe at the time of manufacturing. We’d like to clarify further. It was not, is not, nor will it ever be an add on system. Not only does our system work better than any add-on equivalent, it is also significantly cheaper, and likely much easier to replace (in the case an insect screen gets torn). Click here for more.

Cam & Multi

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We're proud to say that our Cam and Mulit-Point Lock Technology have helped us achieve the highest  security rating for a residential window. The American Architectural Manufacturers Association awarded our windows with a forced entry resistance of Grade 40 and an overall performance rating of R50. These ratings are equal to those of a non-operating window. Because we produce all of our components in-house, we've been able to integrate our locks into the window's physical hardware system, resulting in unprecedented strength. The extra deep engineered resin shoot bolt keys that reinforce the sash and frame locks are all integrated inside header and sill plates of the sash, making the windows virtually tamper proof.  Depending on size, each window has between between1 & 5 locks, and easily resists the hand, tool, and load manipulation techniques commonly used by intruders.

Energy Blinds

The Retractable Solar Screen and Thermal Blind that make up our Energy Blind Technology are revolutionizing sustainable architecture and energy efficient design. The screen and blind allow you to uniquely adapt your home’s interior environment to the weather conditions outside for optimal energy efficient performance. The Solar Screen absorbs the sun’s heat and harmful UV rays while the Thermal Blind provides an extra layer of insulation and completely blocks light penetration. The energy blinds operate through the use of Slide N Hide Technology, which means that both the Solar Screen and Thermal Blind are fabricated with a cartridge design that fully integrates them into the window or door frame at the time of manufacturing. The roll-away design extends product life, prevents the build-up of dirt and allergens, and makes tit easier to clean and operate the blinds. In the event they ever do need replacing, it’s as simple as ordering a new cartridge through the mail. You simply snap it in place. Click here to learn more.

Hybrid Fusion Frame

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All of our products are made using our Hybrid Fusion Frame, which is formed by reinforcing our U-PVC lead- free technology with stainless steel and aluminum.The Hybrid Fusion Frame gives you the thermal performance, longevity, low maintenance and affordability of a high grade resin vinyl, but with the strength of steel and aluminum.The superior strength and structural integrity that the Hybrid Fusion Frame creates, enables us to offer some of the most advanced technologies and modern designs in the entire industry.

With Hybrid Fusion Frame Technology, our frames easily withstand the punishment of extreme weather (after all, we do live in Canada). They wipe clean, and don’t fade, chip, rot, dent, or corrode like other building materials.


Glass Spacer Technology

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Within our fully customizable glass units lies a mix of rich technology that ensures optimal performance through the harshest of weather conditions. It starts with our spacer technology, Duralite Warm Edge Spacers are constructed through a revolutionary process which laminates all 6 of its components to create one composite structure. The Sightline Stiffener, Insulating Chambers, and Non Metallic Stiffener work to create a unit entirely impermeable to gas and water vapor while the Bond Line Adhesive unifies the subassembly making the entire glass unit completely resistant to water penetration and UV Degradation. The Duralite Warm Edge Spacer has the highest rated insulating performance and condensation resistance out of any competing technology. Click here for more info.


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A window or door's frame can affect everything from light and ventilation to your home's interior comfort. That's why we've focused on over engineering it. We've placed an emphasis on minimizing its flaws and maximizing its performance and that's how we constructed the unique air chambers. The Dynamic Series' features strategically engineered air pockets inside the window's steel reinforced frame that adapt with the temperature outside to maximize insulating value and energy efficiency.

Hi Flo Drainage System

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Unlike other drainage weepers which are made from nylon or plastic, Hi Flo is fabricated from polycarbonate which will not swell or crack with the build-up of water, snow, or ice which causes most other weepers to malfunction. By preventing the buildup of water in any of its forms, all of our windows are able to maintain the energy-efficient performance they were designed to create.