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Wooden Window Frames Are Beautiful But Flawed. Have You Seen This Alternative?

| July 28, 2022
wooden window frames


Wood is one of the oldest window frame materials. It has been used in homes for hundreds of years, and for good reason. It’s beautifully charming, a good insulator, and it lasts a long time! But if you choose this classic material, you’re not going to get any of the benefits from modern window innovations. Keep reading to unpack the pros and cons of wooden window frames and discover an alternative that is just as stylish but much more technologically efficient.

wooden window frames

The Pros of Wooden Window Frames

Beautiful Style: As far as looks and style go, wood is tough to beat. Warm, traditional, rustic, and premium, wood windows deliver a look and feel that is frequently replicated but never matched. It’s telling that many window companies offer their customers wood laminate overlays to help them capture the classic look without committing to the price (more on that later). If they are properly maintained and in good condition, wooden windows can add value to your home.

Colour Flexibility: Another advantage of wooden window frames is that they lend quite well to paint. Unlike vinyl or aluminum windows, you can paint a different colour on each side of a wooden window frame. So if you want a black window on the exterior of the house, but a grey window on the interior (to better match the design of the room), you can! Most other types of windows are not as flexible. 

Good Insulation: Considering how long they have been in use, it’s not surprising to learn that wooden window frames are excellent insulators. Why? As a material, wood has a very low thermal conductivity, meaning that it discourages heat transfer. These windows are effective at both keeping heat inside the home during the winter and keeping excess heat out during the summer months. Plus, wooden windows are also a very effective sound insulator against excess outside noise.

The Cons of Wooden Window Frames

High Cost: Wooden windows typically have a much higher upfront cost than other frame options. Yes, they deliver a high aesthetic value, but you will have to pay a premium to get it. 

Easily Damaged: Over time, wood windows can become prone to rot, mildew, weathering, and even insect damage. Wooden frames can expand and contract in climates that fluctuate between hot summers and colder winters – far from ideal for our Southern Ontario climate. To avoid  irreparable damage and the need for replacement windows, much maintenance is required. 

High Upkeep: Wooden window frames require quite a lot of maintenance and upkeep over time to avoid the problems we just discussed. From painting and staining to sanding and treating, wood will only retain its finer aspects so long as homeowners are willing to put the work in to maintain them on a regular basis. Typically, maintenance is required 1-2 times every 2 years, and more in humid climates. 

Introducing a Better Wooden Window Frame Alternative: The Hybrid Fusion Frame

Weighing the pros and cons of wooden window frames, there seems to be just as many upsides as there are downsides. And when it comes to a home improvement like window replacements, you don’t want to feel like you’re settling. That’s why we created a modern solution to the traditional wooden frame. Meet our Hybrid Fusion Frame

The Hybrid Fusion Frame can offer the look and feel of wooden window frames, minus all the structural flaws. Here are some of it’s pros: 

Beautiful Style:  You can easily achieve the stunning look of wood windows with the hybrid fusion frame because it offers:

  • An ultra-thin design to maximize the glass surface and display the outdoors beyond. The profile of this frame is a full three inches thinner than competition.
  • Complete customizability with a  wide range of colours and textures to choose from. We can help you match an existing style or branch out into new aesthetic territories. 

Good Insulation: Get an even better low level of thermal conductivity compared to the wooden frames, but from more technologically advanced engineering. Since these frames are made from steel and aluminum they are far more effective at keeping the home better insulated year-round. 

Long Lifespan: We guarantee these will last 40 years or more.

Reasonable Cost: They’re even more cost-effective than wooden window frames. Contact us to learn about exact prices.

Low Damage: These frames are durable and efficient. They won’t expand and contract, no matter the fluctuation in temperature.

Requires Little to no Maintenance.

wooden window frames

Find Out if The Hybrid Fusion Frame is Right For Your Home!

Replacing your windows comes with a lot of questions and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the process. At Magic, we help homeowners across the GTA understand the window replacement process and install units that will perform well for years to come.

For more information, book a free, no-hassle in-home or virtual consultation with us today. One of our certified project managers can explain the innovative design features that set our windows apart and how we can customize them to suit any home.



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