The Ultimate Vinyl Windows Cheat Sheet

| July 31, 2017
FAQs on window replacement

While shopping for new windows for your Mississauga home, it’s likely you’ve heard about vinyl windows and their vast benefits on more than one occasion. This is because vinyl windows are currently the most widely-purchased window material in the country, despite the fact that they are one of the youngest materials on the market. Still, fanfare may not be enough to convince you that this window material is the right choice for your home. We always suggest doing research prior to purchasing your Mississauga, ON vinyl windows. So to make it easier for you we have created the ultimate vinyl windows cheat sheet for you to review.

– When vinyl windows first launched in the early 1970’s, they were intended to be a more economical option in the window market. Not only did they meet this goal, but they continue to hold one of the lowest window price tags to this day.

– When vinyl windows originally hit the market it was rare to find them in a color other than white or cream. However, thanks to the rising demand for this popular material, more and more manufacturers are producing the windows in a number of styles and colors.

– Vinyl windows contain a special material called PVC, which expands and contracts to provide optimal insulation. If the name sounds familiar to you, it’s because PVC is also the material commonly used in household pipes.

– Vinyl windows come standard with double and triple pane glass, which makes them the perfect option for blocking out excess noise, improving insulation capabilities, and protecting your home from outside threats.

– While some window materials, like wood, must be peeled, sanded, painted and stained to maintain their aesthetic appeal, vinyl windows require very little maintenance other than the occasional washing with soap and water.

– Vinyl windows have been found to raise the resale value of your home, with recent real estate reports showing that homes with vinyl windows tend to sell at a higher price than those without. In fact, homeowners can expect up to an 80% return on the original price of their windows once their home has sold.

– In addition to increasing your resale value, vinyl windows can also help you save in a number of areas including repair costs, maintenance services, monthly energy bills, and future window replacement costs.

With so many benefits associated with vinyl windows, it’s easy to see how the material has risen to become the most popular choice in the country. If you feel that you’re ready to reap the benefits of vinyl windows, then we suggest speaking with a Magic Windows expert. Our experts will help you answer any questions you may have regarding your window project while introducing you to our wide selection of quality vinyl windows. You can even receive a free, no pressure, informative estimate so you know what to expect from start to finish. To speak with an expert today or request your free estimate give us a call at 1-866-656-2442 or visit us at 75 Rowntree Dairy Road Woodbridge, ON L4L 6C8.


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