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The 2023 Ultimate Home Efficiency Checklist

Window | October 4, 2022

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Home efficiency has always been important, but running an efficient home is arguably more important in 2023 than it ever has been.

Canadians across the country are struggling with record-high inflation rates —hitting 7.7% last May — and every penny counts. By optimizing home efficiency practices, you can keep more of those dollars in your pocket.

This article will provide an easy-to-action home efficiency checklist that you can cross off as you upgrade.

Why is Home Efficiency So Important?

There are two major reasons home efficiency is so important, among others: cost of running a home and environmental impact. And the great thing is that these tend to improve together when you focus on running a more efficient home.

Lower Home Costs

Small changes around the house to save energy can have a large impact on your bill at the end of the month. With inflation at an all-time high — and expected to stay high — lowering costs that are in your control are more important now than ever for Canadians.

Improve Environmental Output

Being more energy-conscious at home helps to reduce your environmental footprint as well. While you’re preserving energy by optimizing your home efficiency, you actually reduce fossil fuel emissions from your home. Save on cost to run your home and minimizing environmental impact — it’s a win win!

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Home Efficiency Checklist: 6 Ways to Improve Your Home Efficiency

Ready to improve your home efficiency? Here are six home improvements to check for your list and run a more efficient home — and how to get the money to help.

1. Save Money on Improvements with the Canada Greener Home Initiative

Many Canadians assume that home efficiency upgrades are going to be costly — but there are ways to mitigate this cost.

Explore the Canada Greener Home Initiative when starting on making home-efficient improvements. This initiative from the Canadian government allows Canadians making energy efficient improvements to their home to apply for financial support. This can range from $125 back for eligible home retrofits to upwards of $40,000 in interest-free loans to help you undertake major home changes.

2. Replace Larger Appliances

As household appliances need replacing, try finding more energy efficient replacements. Depending on the type of appliances you change, you can expect to save 20-50% on monthly energy bills while reducing your home’s energy output.

Pro tip: To boost your home efficiency (and savings!), look at energy prime hours in your area. Typically, energy is less expensive late in the evening. If you want to save energy when using larger appliances, run them during off-hours.

3. Install Energy Efficient Windows

Did you know that faulty windows can account for 25% of the heat lost in a home?

Energy efficient windows tend to come with a higher price tag, but the long term benefits outweigh the short term upfront cost. The higher quality windows reduce transfer of heat and insulate your home better, which means more efficient heating and cooling of your home.

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Because energy efficient windows also tend to be higher quality, you can expect less frequent repairs — savings on two fronts!

Shop Energy Efficient Windows

4. Energy Efficient Bulbs

This is an easy and affordable change to make for better home efficiency, and the savings can add up. Energy efficient light bulbs are great for the environment and your pockets. Users can save up to $10 per bulb on energy with some efficient light bulbs brands.

5. Turn off Lights — Or Try Light Timers

Just because you have energy efficient bulbs doesn’t mean you want to keep them running. Ensure you’re turning off lights when you’re leaving the house or going to bed. The less energy used when it’s not needed, the more efficient the home.

Pro tip: If you have children who want to keep lights on going to bed, put lights on a timer. Lights will turn off automatically at a certain time, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn something off.

6. Revisit Home Entrances

Although they don’t use energy, inefficient doors — whether it’s front, back, or patio doors — are a major source of heat loss. Having energy efficient home entrances can actually contribute to saving upwards of 40% of energy used for heating, cooling, and lighting, so this efficiency upgrade is one worth investigating.

proper patio door preventing heat loss

Check These Updates off Your Home Efficiency Checklist

These updates can have an impact on the efficiency of your home. Go through the checklist and see what you can implement —even a little change can go a long way.

If you want to tackle windows or patio doors as part of your home efficiency improvements, contact Magic Windows to schedule a free in-home consultation.



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