Save Energy With Replacement Windows

| October 15, 2018
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Save Energy With Replacement Windows

Every season of the year is a good time to save energy, but when winter hits, it’s even more important than ever. If you’re serious about saving energy and spending less on bills, you might need Mississauga, Ontario replacement windows to help you with the process. Magic Window Innovations provides incredible service and can help you save energy with replacement windows.  

During the winter months, you might spend more time inside than you do out in the snow—and with good reason. It can get rather chilly and it’s easier to stay warm if you’re inside. But when the temperatures dip outside, you should be able to stay warm in your house. If you can’t shake the chill, it might be because of older windows. When air leaks out (and in), you’ll be spending a lot more money to try and keep warm. If that sounds like what it’s like in your home, you can definitely save energy—and frustration—this winter with replacement windows.  

Windows can account for 10-25 percent of a utility bill. When they let cold air in and warm air out, it’s no wonder that new windows can save you money. Here are a few tips to help you save money and save energy with replacement windows.   

Tip 1: Get Double Or Triple Pane Glass 

Most replacement windows come with at least two panes of glass, unless you are putting them into your garage or another area that doesn’t need insulation. If you want to reduce heat transfer or loss through the windows even further, triple pane glass might be in order. Examine the cost increase versus how much you stand to save to see if it works for you.  

Tip 2: Get Energy Saving Replacement Windows With Low-E Coating 

Low-emissivity coatings are thin, invisible coats that go on the inside of a pane of glass. This coating reflects heat and keeps out harmful UV rays. In the winter, it lets the natural light in, but reflects the warmth of the house back in on itself. It works in the opposite way during the heat of the summer.  

Tip 3: Examine Energy Ratings 

Before you get any replacement windows, you need to understand and careful examine energy ratings. Take a look at things like SHGC, VT, and the U-factor to get the most energy efficiency for your money. If you don’t know what those things mean, do a little research, or ask the professionals at your window company to help.  

Are you ready to save money with Mississauga, Ontario replacement windows? There’s no time like the present to get started on the project. The sooner your new windows go in, the sooner you can start to save and enjoy further comforts in your home as well. Contact Magic Window Innovations at (905) 856-8805 for a free consultation with no pressure and no obligation. We’re located at 75 Rowntree Dairy Rd, Woodbridge, ON L4L 6C8 and we’re happy to have you stop in and tell us about your situation so we can see what windows are best to save you the most energy. 



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