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New Window Technology You Need to Know About

| October 13, 2014

Windows are a basic necessity for your home. They provide you access to the outside world while you are still inside, allow fresh (and free) sunlight in to brighten up your home, and provide an alternate escape route in the event of an emergency — without letting outside air, germs and strangers into your home. Thanks to modern technology, windows are becoming even more useful. Let’s take a look at some of the new window technology that is adding surprising levels of utility to what was once nothing more than a transparent barrier:

Solar radiation/outdoor climate blocking blinds

Blinds have long been a supplement to windows as a way to keep sunlight — and other people’s eyes — out of your home when you don’t want them in there. However, one thing that blinds have always been terrible at blocking out is solar radiation. This is why solar screens were invented. This new window technology literally absorbs the sun’s heat so that your home can remain cooler. This will save a great deal of energy during the summertime, since a cooler home means that your A/C won’t have to work as hard.

Solar radiation isn’t the only climate altering entity that you have to worry about invading your home. The outside air can seep through the most tightly shut windows, cooling or heating your home and making your HVAC system work harder. Thermal blinds are fixing this by adding an additional layer of insulation to your windows so that you can save even more energy. What’s more, if you have no need for outside light to enter a room, a thermal blind can keep all of the sunlight out.

Climate resistant glass

The glass of the window itself is one of the best new window technology innovations out there. Window manufacturers are producing window glass that not only optimizes a window’s capabilities for a climate, but also for the materials that the building itself is made out of. This is another boon for the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling system, the largest single energy consumer in your home.

Energy efficient window frames

The frames of the windows are often the culprit of air leaks that can cause a hike in your energy bill. That is why a new window technology for frames, the multi-chambered pocketed frame, is a big deal. This type of frame actually adapts to the outside temperature and essentially rejects the outdoor air from your home.

Condensation resistant technology

Window condensation can cause problems as minor as blocking your view outside to causing damage to your walls as the extra moisture affects the air in your home. New condensation resistant windows are solving this problem. This is done with a specially designed glass spacer technology that keeps moisture from clinging to your windows.

Window drainage systems

Water buildup in a window can cause the frame to swell up and crack (especially when it freezes). As you can imagine, such an issue could ruin someone’s day. Modern window drainage systems are fixing this problem by getting rid of the water before it becomes a problem.

Multi-point lock windows

Home invasion is a real problem, and you should take steps to keep thieves out. A great way to get this done is to make the investment in the new multi-point window lock technology, which uses up to five individual locking pins to prevent people from getting in.

New window technology is still evolving

To take advantage of the latest window technology or to learn more about how windows are evolving, contact us today. Magic is a leader in the window industry. Keep checking back for the best in efficient window technology!


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