Making a Case for Vinyl Casement Windows

| December 23, 2016

Choosing the right window design will be tough, especially with all the options available to you. We have several in-house options, but the vinyl casement windows are some of the best. Below are a few reasons why our customers love them. But first, here are some answers to basic questions about our vinyl casement windows in Oakville, ON.

What are Vinyl Windows?

For a vinyl window, the framing material is construction-grade polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Manufacturers combine specific additives to ensure the product is safe, thermally resistant, economical, and water resistant. It is durable, affordable, and long lasting. This is no ordinary Polymer.

What is a Casement Window?

Casement windows hinge on either the left or right-hand side and open outwards for more expansive views and maximum ventilation.

Benefits of Our Vinyl Casement Windows

These are some of the many reasons our vinyl windows shine:

Crankless Operation

Usually casement windows open and close by using a crank mechanism. Not ours. We have removed the troublesome crank. Now our windows are more durable and easier to operate. You get improved performance, and the minimalist design will improve the aesthetic of any space. No need to make sure there is room for cumbersome cranks.

Energy Efficient

Because PVC has superior thermal resistance you can expect less heat and cold transfer through these windows. You will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, saving on your energy bills. In fact, casement vinyl windows have generally lower air leakage rates when compared to sliding windows. Best of all, when the cold wind blows against these windows, it actually improves the seal. You get better protection against air infiltration when you choose casement windows. In turn, this improves energy efficiency and protects your home against the Oakville, Ontario climate.

Retractable Blinds and Screens

Another feature we offer is our patented insect screens and energy blinds. They disappear completely into the window frame when not in use. This gives you full control over the light and ventilation emitting through your windows. They are even easier to clean. Think about that the next time you are battling with your traditional window screens.


These windows are built to last. Unlike aluminum or wood windows, the color of vinyl windows will not fade and the finish will not crack or chip due to harsh weather. They will not pit, flake, or peel.They are also water resistant so they will not rot or warp with exposure to moisture. Even with repeated use, these windows will hold up.


Often homeowners choose casement windows for rooms that need added ventilation, like the kitchen and common rooms. That said, these windows can usually work anywhere and in any room. You can pair them with other window styles, like adding them to either side of a bay or bow window. Or you can simply use them as a stand-alone.

Why Go With Magic Window Innovations?

You will not be able to find these unique window designs anywhere else. If you want durable, flexible windows that are easy to operate and a synch to maintain, then our casement vinyl windows are the clear choice.

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