How To Choose Curtains For Your New Windows

| September 15, 2014
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Choosing curtains for your windows is a matter of balancing their appearance with their practicality. Beautiful curtains that please the eye and complement their surroundings are essential for creating a comfortable living environment. At the same time, practical curtains with excellent performance ratings contribute to creating the same kind of living environment without using up all of your savings.

Here are some of the most important factors to consider if you’re wondering how to choose curtains for your brand new windows:

  • The cost of purchasing plus the time and effort of installing new curtains might seem overwhelming. However, it is important to note the long-run benefits of choosing high quality curtains. Some curtains can lower the energy costs of living in your home.
  • Insulation is the single most important measurement of the curtains’ performance. Not only does it indicate how well the curtains keep out extra light and noise that can disrupt your living environment, but it also indicates how useful it is in keeping cold and warm air in your home during summer and winter. Be sure to check how well the curtains can insulate your home, since better insulation means more energy savings for you.
  • The color, the pattern, and the fabric of the curtains are all factors that influence how well the curtains suit other elements in your home. For example, curtains made using silk tend to be well-suited to more formal spaces, while their cotton and linen-based counterparts tend to be much more casual and relaxed in appearance. Bear in mind that not all curtains have to complement their surroundings, since contrast is also a powerful tool in home interior decorating.

Keeping the above three factors in mind when selecting your new curtains will help you choose both functional and beautiful window dressings. Investing in high-quality, insulating window coverings will not only dress up your brand new energy efficient windows, but they will also maximize their efficiency so you can save the most money possible on your heating and cooling bills.

Take a look at the beautiful window styles we offer and start getting inspired! At Magic Window Innovations, we can help you select the right new windows for your home, and even recommend suitable window coverings that complement them. Ask about our thermal blinds to make your windows even more energy efficient!


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