Glass in Your Windows…There’s More Than Meets the Eye

| December 9, 2016
glass window wall

The glass is what you use to look through your windows and see what’s outside. The glass also allows natural light into your home. That’s about all there is to it, right? Wrong! The glass in your windows has a lot of elements to it. If you are looking at buying new windows for your house in Mississauga, Ontario, there are a few things you need to know about glass before you make the final purchase.

Energy Efficient Features

When you live in Ontario, you want windows that are as energy efficient as possible. Of course, the materials that make the frame are part of the efficiency, but the reality is, the glass makes up most of the surface space. It is just as important to creating an energy efficient window. When you think about the energy efficiency of glass, there are a number of things to consider such as pane layers, low-E4 coatings, argon gas blends, Energy Star certification, sun protection additions.


Older windows generally had just one pane of glass. That did not make them very energy efficient or insulating. Today, windows have at least two panes of glass. But when it comes to glass, the more panes you have, the more energy efficiency you get. Two panes are definitely better than one and you can increase your efficiency even more with further panes of protection from the Ontario elements.

Low-E4 Coatings

Your glass can come with Low-E4 ratings to give you a more energy efficient home year round. Regular Low-E4 glass gives you 45% more efficiency during the winter months and 56% more efficiency in the summer. If you choose Smartsun glass, you get even further efficiency in both extreme seasons. The Sunglass is the highest performing option that will keep the heat inside your home during the winter and outside during the summer.

Argon Gas Blends

Argon gas is a special blend that goes between your panes of glass. Some windows simply use air in that dead space. Air can definitely insulate your home from the outside temperatures, but argon gas does it better. If you want the most comfortable home, check to make sure the glass has argon gas in the space between the panes.

Energy Star Certification

Energy Star does not put its stamp on just any product. The product has to reach certain demands and satisfy a long checklist of items. If you see an Energy Star rating on the windows you consider because of their glass, you are getting a window that will help you in the energy efficiency department.

Sun Protection Coatings

You want natural light in your home, but you do not want sun damage on your furniture or other items. Glass that has protective coatings to keep the harmful UV rays out while allowing in natural light is also highly energy efficient.

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