Finding the Right Window Material for Your Home

| November 20, 2017
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While shopping for the perfect Toronto windows for your home, you’ll discover there are a number of window materials to choose from. While the material of your windows may seem like a minor detail, the material you choose will actually determine the overall quality of your windows along with the amount of comfort, safety and energy efficiency they contribute to your home. Still, with so many options to choose from, how can you know which window material is the right choice for you? Take a closer look at the pro’s and con’s of the most popular window materials on the market to help you make an informed choice.

Wood Windows

Wood windows have been a classic favorite among homeowners for years…thanks to their naturally warm look and feel. Homeowners and builders love the tiny imperfections (like knots in the frame), that give their home a traditionally beautiful look. Because wood windows come in a wide variety of styles and colors, it’s safe to say they can blend in well with almost any style of architecture. Unfortunately, wood windows have developed a reputation for being high maintenance. Due to their poor weather resistance, homeowners often have to peel, sand, paint, and stain their windows to continue to keep them looking nice and new.

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows are a great option for Toronto homeowners that love the look and feel of wood windows, but not the hassle that comes with them. Fiberglass windows are virtually indistinguishable from woon windows and are remarkably low maintenance. However, fiberglass windows also come with some of the highest price tags on the market, removing them as an option for many homeowners.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are sturdy, attractive, and reasonably priced, which is why they have quickly grown to become the most widely purchased window material in the country. Vinyl windows are now being offered in a variety of colors and styles and continue to be the most economical options on the window market.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are a favorite among builders and designers as they are affordable, lightweight and easy to work with. However, as convenient as they may be, their metal material makes them a poor choice for homes looking for energy efficient windows because their frames tend to hold on to excess heat.

Still not sure which window material is right for you? We suggest speaking with a Toronto windows installation professional that knows how to evaluate the needs of the homeowner. At Magic Windows, you’ll find nothing but top notch customer service waiting for you as our team of window experts work to pair you with the ideal window for your home’s specific needs. From our free consultations to our showroom floor filled with quality window options, we have everything you need for your Toronto window project. To get started on your new window project today, call 1-866-656-2442 or stop by 75 Rowntree Dairy Road Woodbridge, ON L4L 6C8 to see some options in person.


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