Why Energy-Efficient Windows are the Perfect Fit for your Home

| June 30, 2017
Energy Star Windows

While looking for the perfect windows for your Oakville home, there are a number of factors to consider, including the aesthetic appeal or material of your windows. Still, if you ask us, the most valuable window factor to search for is energy-efficient windows. Typically, the initial investment associated with energy-efficient windows puts off homeowners, but these windows will continue to return on that investment for as long as you own them. Here are some of the many reasons why we love energy-efficient windows, and why we’re sure you’ll love them too!

Energy-Efficient Windows Saves You Money on Bills

Want to save money on your monthly bills? We thought so. Well, energy-efficient windows are the perfect way to do so. With specialty insulating features like thick double or triple pane glass, expanding material and weather resistant frames, these windows prevent the heating and cooling in your home from going…well…out the window. Which means you’ll spend less on those monthly bills.

Energy-Efficient Windows Require Less Repairs

No one likes to pay for repairs. Fortunately, energy-efficient windows typically come with features that reduce the necessity for repairs. For example, their strong weather resistance decreases the likelihood of rotting or warping within the frame, which means fewer calls to the repair man.

Energy Efficient Windows Protect Your Furniture

Nothing is worse than noticing the color fading on your favorite couch or tapestry. Unfortunately, harsh UV rays will ultimately alter the pigment of your favorite pieces, damaging them over time. However, with the help of UV protecting glass found in many energy-efficient windows, you can keep that sofa looking good.

Energy-Efficient Windows Can Affect Your Home’s Resale Value

Saving money not enough for you? How about earning more money? Homes with energy-efficient window materials, like vinyl, have been found to sell at a higher price than those without them, thanks to savvy house hunters who know their value and are willing to pay extra for their benefits. In fact, homeowners with vinyl windows installed can expect up to an 80% return on the cost of their windows once their house has sold.

Energy-Efficient Windows Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

What’s the best reason to purchase energy efficient windows in Oakville, Ontario? The impact you’ll be making on your community and the planet. According to the American Energy Association (AEA), up to 60% of the energy wasted in the average North American Home escapes through windows and doors. If we all switched to quality, energy-efficient windows, imagine the type of impact it would make on our environment!

If you’re ready to help the planet, save money, and invest in your home then it’s time to stop by Magic Window Innovations where our experts will introduce you to our many quality energy-efficient window options. To speak with an expert today simply give us a call at 1-866-656-2442 or visit us at 75 Rowntree Dairy Road Woodbridge, ON L4L 6C8.


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