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Energy Efficient Doors and Windows Certifications

| October 27, 2014

When looking to improve the energy efficiency of your home, one key area to look at is your windows. Energy efficient doors and windows offer several advantages over older less efficient models. For starters, energy efficient doors and windows keep your home more comfortable. They allow for warm air to stay inside during the winter and help keep you cool in the summer. Older windows often have drafts that allow the outside environment to affect your home’s temperature. A second area where energy efficient doors and windows are a worthwhile investment is in terms of energy costs. When you have old windows and doors allowing drafts that just creates more work for your cooling or heating systems, no matter what they may be. Lastly, energy efficient doors and windows are often more pleasing to the eye than older doors and windows.

Magic has been proudly offering energy efficient doors and windows to the Canadian market since 1979. We offer a variety of products that meet the strict requirements of third party energy efficiency certifications. Below are some of our innovative, energy efficient doors and windows products and the certifications they feature:

Window Design

Magic takes care to design our many window offerings with several energy efficient enhancements. The first of these is Climaguard glass. This glass is specially made in house to fit the various climates and weather patterns that Canadian homeowners may encounter. As anyone can tell you, weather in Yellowknife is a bit different than the weather in Ottawa! This glass is multilayered and designed to both allow in light but also block UV rays and eliminate drafts. The customization levels allows for differences in glaze, glass type, and glass coatings. Multi-cambered frames allow for the windows to respond to changing weather patterns. These strategic air pockets allow for the energy efficiency of the windows to remain constant and efficient. Lastly, a drainage system is built into each window. This means that any water is quickly removed and drafts are eliminated. This increases efficiency and the life of the windows.

We also offer our unique Energy Blinds, which allow precise control of the amount light and heat you let into your home. When pulled down, these blinds block sunlight from entering your home. For the warmer months of the year this helps keep things cool and energy costs low. For the colder parts of the year sunlight is often still visible. Raising the energy blinds in the winter allows the sunlight in to assist in warming your home. Energy Blinds offer additional insulation in an affordable and stylish design.


Magic Window’s energy efficient doors and windows have received several different certifications verifying their efficiency levels. These certifications are not easy to acquire and are held to very high standards.

NFRC Performance: the National Fenestration Rating Council independently tests window performance and efficiency in the North American market. Their ratings are well regarded and non-biased. By earning good marks from the NFRC a product proves its efficiency through an analytical and scientific method.

As you can see, energy efficient doors and windows offer a more comfortable home, can lower your energy bills, and are pleasing to look at – and through! When buying from Magic Windows Innovations, you know that the windows you choose have been independently tested and verified for their quality and efficiency. Give us a call today at 1-866-OK-MAGIC to learn more about our energy efficient doors and windows.


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