Custom Window Options You Didn’t Know Were Possible

| November 3, 2014
Window walls

If eyes are the window to the world, then your panes must be the big screen television! No matter how hard you search, you will find very few people that do not appreciate observing a crisp, clear, sunny day and a beautiful view of the outdoors from insidetheir homes.

It can be hard to grasp the true beauty of the great outdoors through ordinary windows. So when you look outside through finely crafted custom windows, you could easily think it is magic! In reality, it is the ingenuity of Magic Window Innovations.

Since 1979, Magic Windows Innovations has been devising some of the most incredible windows and doors you can imagine. Our experts know intuitively that windows not only beautify homes, they can also dramatically increase a home’s value. Besides, that the biggest difference between Magic Innovations and most of our competitors, is that we own the exclusive rights to our patents. The technology behind Magic Window Innovations involves meeting stringent solar and climate requirements, while also customizing windows according to geographic specifications.

Custom Window Options

Magic Window Innovations designs several types of customizable grills for our horizontal and slider, casement and awing, and bay bow and box windows. We also offer one of the widest line of trapezoid, octagon, and other custom window shapes.

Some think bigger than others when it comes to interior and exterior design. This is where our innovative Window Wall comes in This unique structure is an impermeable glass wall constructed of interlocking panels that open wherever you want. Whether you prefer a small or large opening, this retractable system can accommodate your needs. As if that is not enough, the most impressive feature is its 40 security rating – the highest for a product in this class.

You can also choose from a variety of styles when it comes to your custom doors and windows. If you are looking for custom windows that rotate, incorporate built-in bug screens, automatic thermal blinds, or other innovative features, Magic Window can create it. As for style and appearance, Magic Window Innovations can incorporate practically any colour you can imagine into your brand new windows and doors. We even design the most unbelievable synthetic window frames with textures that rival the wood grains of cherry, hillside and light oak.

To learn more about our endless customization options for your new windows, contact the experts at Magic Window Innovations today. We’d be happy to help you design the most energy efficient and attractive custom window solution possible. Both beautiful and functional, our windows are clearly the best choice for your home!


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