Bow Windows Vs Bay Windows: How To Choose Your Ideal Showpiece Window

| September 8, 2014

There has long been discussion over which are the best ways to frame your home. Many people like long and elegant old-style dressings while others prefer more modern, angular, sharp looks. Still there is some disagreement over even slight degrees of things; for example the bow window vs bay window. If you know the styles well, you will know that they are very similar. Still there has been a lot of discussion over the bow window vs bay window disagreement. Here’s a brief overview of the two styles, and tips on how to choose which one is right for you.

Bay Windows:
For those who know the style the bay window is quite lovely. It usually involves three windows. The two side windows are generally rectangular, running lengthwise, with the middle window being much larger, typically square. Bay windows are a great feature for a large dining room, beautiful front living room or even a kitchen if you are looking for a great view into your backyard.

While a large bay window gives you a great view of the outdoors, they can also be very functional. In addition to letting lots of light inside, you may choose to transform your bay window into a cozy seating area. Bay windows can also offer a great platform on the inside where you can feature a holiday tree or decorations, show off a beautiful bouquet, or whatever else it is you find worthy of being featured.

Bow Windows:Bow windows are comprised of the same shape as a bay window, however instead of the three-paned openness of the bay window, bow windows feature six equally sized smaller windows. These panes are arranged in a more gentle arch shape than the bay window style, and still allow for plenty of natural sunlight to enter your home.

Choosing a bay window vs a bow window for your home really boils down to a few simple things: what window would you the homeowner be most comfortable with?  Which of these windows fits most practically inside your home? And which style of window do you like the most? Aesthetics play a big hand in the bow window vs bay window discussion and you should ultimately choose the style you think would look best in your space.

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