The Best Window Replacement for Cold Weather

| February 12, 2018

Oakville is blessed with beautiful weather for most of the year, but when temperatures drop, electric bills tend to rise. Windows are a major source of insulation in a home and can be the determining factor behind how much heating you need to keep your home comfortable. The American Energy Association (AEA) warns homeowners that most of the energy they waste seeps out through the windows and doors in a home. That is why it’s vital to choose a window replacement that’s well equipped for any kind of weather. Let’s take a closer look at which window material is best for both cold and warm weather.

Window Replacement with Double (or Triple Pane) Glass

When it comes to keeping your home warm, it’s just as important to keep heat in as it is to keep the cold out. Double and triple pane glass can help with those efforts. Thin, single pane glass isn’t dense enough to hold your heating efforts indoors, making them a poor choice for energy efficient windows. By choosing window replacement materials like vinyl replacement windows, you’ll have products that come standard with double or triple pane glass.

Weather Resistant Window Replacements

One of the most important factors in an energy efficient window replacement is how weather resistant they can be. Window replacement materials, like wood, absorb excess moisture and often rot, warp, or distort, which creates gaps and drafts within the frame. That is particularly a problem during colder seasons where the weather tends to be wetter. And once those gaps form, they don’t go anywhere. Try fiberglass or vinyl replacement windows instead because they won’t absorb any excess moisture, drastically reducing the likelihood of weather damage to the frames over time.

Window Replacements with an Expansive Material

There are a number of features that can enhance the overall energy efficiency of your windows, including expanding material for optimal insulation. However, it’s important to remember there is a right way and a wrong way for this feature to perform. Vinyl replacement windows expand, but unfortunately, they do so at a rate up to four times greater than their glass, which can lead to future problems. Fiberglass replacement windows, however, expand at a rate equal to their glass to enhance insulation while preventing future damage from occurring. Expanding material can help insulate your home and seal the frame tightly to the glass.

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