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The Benefits of Glass Window Walls

| April 9, 2019

If you want to do something different in your home in terms of style and design, there are many things you can consider. Natural light is a great way to change the appearance of your home. That means looking into window options. Instead of going with regular picture windows, double-hung, or casement options, you might want to think about window walls.

What are Window Walls?

The Window Wall is constructed of glass panels that operate separately from one another. You can customize the walls to open in whatever way you please. You can create a full wall of glass when it is completely closed. You can tilt one panel and make a small entry door available to move in and out of the house. Or you can fold them all back and completely open your home to the patio or another area. The Window Wall also has retractable screens so you don’t have to worry about pests and insects. And while it sounds like a complicated system, it is actually maintenance-free and easy to move from one side to the other. The panels interlock and are airtight so they are secure and even energy-efficient.

Benefits of the Window Wall

If you like the idea of a wall completely filled with windows, you might wonder what kind of benefits it could bring to your home. The answer is plenty and here are just a few such advantages.

  1. Versatile Functions

You can do just about anything you can imagine with the window wall. You don’t have to choose one function and stick with it. If you were to get a picture window, for example, you would be able to see the view outside your Oakville, Ontario home. But you couldn’t open and close the window. If you were to install patio doors, you would be able to go in and out, but you might block some of the view. The Window Wall allows you to go in and out, open the house completely, and get an unobstructed view. You can move the wall around however you want on any given day.

  1. Natural Lighting

Nothing does more for a home than natural lighting. You can make your house look and feel larger than ever before. You can allow the sunshine to warm your home on a cold day and you can use less energy from turning on lights. Sunlight can also help reduce stress and depression. And when the weather is nice, you can let in fresh air at the same time and boost your mood even more.

  1. Energy Efficiency

You might not think that a whole wall of windows is energy efficient, but when you’re talking about The Window Wall, it is. The panels interlock and create a tight seal with one another when they are closed. When the cold wind blows, it blows them tighter together! You get heightened energy efficiency along with all the other benefits.

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