5 Need to Know Window Cleaning Tips

| August 13, 2014

Making sure your windows are always clean is a constant struggle. Rather than fight the good fight unawares, remember these 5 need to know window cleaning tips when you are going after that dirt and grime:

Be Consistent: One of the biggest window cleaning tips people take for granted is the consistency with which you clean your windows is important. You might think that just doing it “whenever they are dirty” makes sense. The problem there lies in the subjective nature of that argument. If you’re not cleaning your windows every three months, six months or whatever works for your home, then you’re likely to look back after two or three years and say, “when was the last time I cleaned my windows?” Lucky for us, setting up digital reminders is a breeze with which most of us are already all too familiar. Set up a regular cleaning schedule on your calendar to ensure you stay on track.

Choose Your Weapons: Another thing you need to do even before you begin the act of cleaning your windows is check that you have the right tools on hand. Paper towels, newspaper, and other forms of paper products are what a lot of people choose to use, but they may not be the best option for your windows. Squeegees, microfiber cloths, and specialized cleaning products may help get your windows looking more like new than their paper counterparts.

Squeegee: Believe it or not, one of the not too well known window cleaning tips might be to invest in a professional squeegee. This is your home and you need to decide how important this is to you. Your windows are not just how you see the rest of your neighborhood but how your neighbours see you! Home improvement shops typically will have a variety of types of squeegees from which you can choose.

Rub Around: Another problem with the paper products is that no matter how hard you work you usually simply wind up rubbing the dirt around. If you are going to use a paper product to clean your windows, make sure to run through a fresh clean surface with every swipe you take. It can be the difference between clean windows and re-appropriated dirt.

Technique: Another one of the window cleaning tips which may elude you is proper technique. This one’s not too hard, but like your cleaning schedule your technique should also remain consistent. So if you typically clean horizontally, keep that up; if your windows are longer and you find cleaning top to bottom works best, do that each time. This will help you avoid residue and streaks that look unattractive on your windows once everything dries.

Remember these five window cleaning tips and your home will be a great space to enjoy. If you’d like to find out about getting new windows and adding real value to your home, contact us!


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